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Walking down the road The most magnificant poem hasn’t been written yet, the most beautiful song hasn’t been sung yet, the most glorious day hasn’t been lived yet, the most immence sea hasn’t been pioneered yet, the most prolonged travel hasn’t been done yet...

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Greece | Thursday, 10 January 2013 | 5 photos

My first big love in life was photography.I was in love with the sound of my father's camera when he pressed the button and later on I was fascinated from the photos themselves. But when the time came to choose my career, I chose differently.I lost to reality and I learnt to love something else.
But first love never dies.Every time I hold my camera I feel more alive than ever.The world I see through my camera lens seems more interesting,more colorful,more fascinating than ever.There's a saying that the best thing about photos is that they never change.That is one more reason why I love photography so much.Places change,moments get lost in time and people leave.But photos are always the same.Every time you capture a picture of something you make it live through time for ever.
I want to be chosen because I want to learn more about the photography I love so much.I am not afraid of hard work or difficult situations because I know chasing your dream is not an easy road. I am ready to work hard because the one who has a lot to gain is me.In the end of this journey I would be richer in knowledge,emotions and experiences.
I really dont know where my passion for photography may lead me; all I know is that I want to do something that it will make a difference.Something that even when I am not here anymore someone will remember me through my photos cause for him I have made the difference.
I decide to chase my dreams after all.All it takes to go somewhere is a single step and if you give me the chance with this journey I will just have made mine.

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