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Afghanistan to Iran

IRAN | Thursday, 28 June 2007 | Views [1309] | Comments [2]

Arrived in Charcharan, the capital of Gor province. On arrival, I met Hassam, an US interpreter. He was working for the US army based at the Lithuania Army base. There were 4 countries sharing that base: Lithuania, USA, Croatia and another one that I can't remember. On the way to Charcharan, I had met the New Zealand army, based at the Scott Base, in Lawl, the biggest town before reaching Charcharan. They were passing by in a convoy of 4 trucks; they stopped once I greet them in English; they backed the car, and as the others, made me some questions, had a few laughs, exchanged info, back on riding.

At Charcharan, Hassan was trying to find me a hotel. Invited me to stay on his room w/ his friends for the first night 'till he contacted his friend who would get me a room. Made dinner, short chat w/ his friends, rest. In the morning, he invited me to join him on his way to the police station, where he was supposed to meet the US army who would train the Afghani police. Got there, and got surrounded by police and locals to check me and my bike. The army arrived in two 4WD and one of those war vehicles, loaded w/ guns pointed everywhere. Got my bike searched by the police while Hassan went inside talk to the officers. I could hear the officer saying: "What? From where? Let me see that!" Two officers approach the gate, looking for me, I raise my hand: It's me! …I really looked like a local. They smiled, and called me in. We talked for a while; me about my ride, them about their time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Very cool guys, friendly and helpful. Officer Mike Blanton were very interested on assist me w/ anything he could. After telling them about my experience on the US base in Torkham, he didn't hesitate; asked me how long was I staying in town, and told me to wait for a package – food plus some other useful things. I was quite happy; I knew how good they ate in their bases, so I was sure of good stuff coming on this bag. We spent a good time chatting, very fun guys, interesting stuff they went trough. Took some pictures and they were gone. I rode around the city, took some pictures at a junkyard full of war vehicles and couple airplanes. Got back to the room and waited for Hassan who arrived around 5pm carrying a huge black bag…no way! They had sent an enormous bag filled with snacks, candies, noodles, juice, coffe, jam, honey, sausage, canned fruit, and lots more, even 2 pair of socks and an orange. We had spoke about the lack of fruits in Afghanistan, and the fact they even had oranges coming from US, so there was - the US orange. I had not seen an orange for over 2 months.

Loaded my bags with enough food for about 3 weeks. I had cookies and candies to take me all the way to Iran.

My next step, get to Herat city, the last big city before the border w/ Iran. Again, I was told to take a car, cause of the dangerous, not the roads, the Taliban. Tired of climbing and pushing the bike over 3000m high mountains, I did. Rode for 200km and took a ride. Over 10 hours ride, the driver stopped in the evening and told everyone to get out and go sleep in the restaurant…continuing during night time was a stupid idea, said another driver. The Taliban was not easily seen during the day, but at night, they were certainly coming down the mountains into the city and roads to do their thing. Next morning we continued, I was covered in dust from the day before ride, tired and bored from being in a car. We finally arrived in Herat, where I went straight to find a cheap hotel, I needed to shower and get that beard out of my face, Iran was coming, and the beard was no longer necessary. Did all that, felt relieved and clean. Stayed 2 nights in Herat, took some pictures and rode to the border – Islam Qala city.

Again: There is so much to tlak about, but time and $$ restrain me from staying longer on a computer. My experience in Afghanistan cannot be described in a couple pages of a online diary....IT WAS AMAZING!

Missing Afghanistan...Loving Iran!

Ps.: Did I mention about Afhani ppl being generous? Well; imagine if you give these ppl a lot of money, and they still kept their generosity...this is Iran. If you haven't been in Iran, come!

c y later

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Great, Rodrigo! I feel a lot better reading your messages....much better. I´ll continue to follow you, here, in Brazil, hoping to see you soon.
kisses, from sister 2

  Gilka Jul 1, 2007 11:41 AM


I met some friends from Iran, as well my boss. i told them about you and they are going to send you an email with some people's address and phone you can reach them.

  Rick Jul 2, 2007 3:12 AM

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