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Nepal is a MUST.

INDIA | Monday, 16 April 2007 | Views [2992] | Comments [5]

I've been trying to find words to describe Nepal, but I jut can't find to represent a deep breath before you say "beautiful." Riding in Nepal has been a constant switch of feelings from pleasent, revigorating, relaxing to exciting, mind-blowing and WOW. The first 100K after the Indian border, it had not much difference from India, but the change from Tea to corn fields. The closest I got to Kathmandu, the capital, the best were the scenery, rivers , canyons, and their rich green agriculture fields by beautiful white-water rivers and tiny villages. Contradicting its status of being an officailly Hindu country, Kathmandu strongly holds to it's Tibetan Budhist influence. Also for tourist reasons, Kathmandu is a center for ppl who are trying to get closer to Tibetan Budhism, offering all kinds of tours and trekking to temple areas and ;of course, to the Himalay mountains and its getaway from the world, if you will. Kathmandu. As any other capital, the traffic makes it impossible to fully enjoy it by bicycle, but once you get to where you want, near all you need, everything goes well. Kathmandu has a vary cozy area, tourist area, but thanks to it, its possible to have all in hands, clean and a great variety of eating and shopping choices. When I got in Kathmandu, I was still not recovered from the bad water I had in Bangladesh. Got myself a few packs of dehidration solution and stayed for 2 nights resting and going around the town checking the near tmeples and scenery spots. The near city, Patan, is an area full of temples and rich architeture, considered one of the oldest royal cities (Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur). It's just amazing, seriously breath taking. Morning comes, before the full sunrise \i was on my bike on th eway to Pokhara (205K). The way is entirely followed by gorgeous rivers that split into and encounter other rivers creating a perfect place for water rafiting. I felt like to arrive there and do the way back - gorgeous. A few uphills and lots of downhills made it a great ride with a great feeling of acomplishement and freedom. On the way to Pokhara, villages and villagers helped to make it even more enjoyable. Very frienfly and beautiful people. I found Nepal to have the most beautiful ppl in between the places I have so far been cycling. The mix with Chinese/Tibetan and Indian gave; on my opinion, a very special touch on their look, way of dressing and behaving. Evening time I arrived Pokhara. If Kathmandu is beautiful, Pokhara is...mmmm...well; daaammnn beautiful! In no other place the mountains rise so quickly, within 30km, from 1000 to 8000m. The Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu ranges, each with peaks over 8000m, can be seen from Pokhara. Camping by the second largest lake in the city, Phewa Lake, I spent 4 days to finish my recovering period and enjoying this paradise. Using a boat, lent by the boat renters, Iwas able to spend my mornings fishing for a couple hours and stare at the unbeleivable beauty of the Anapurna Range and the Machapuchare (Fishtail)...turn the boat around and I had the Bindabasini Temple up to 3000ft...yes, it was a bless to be there. I had to go, I had someone coming to meet me, in New Delhi, India. Once again I was to ride in India. As my third time riding there, I was sure I was going to have my mind clear on "Yes, I love India" or...Headed to Sonali border and there I was again in the country I was so eager to ride, yet hasn't been fully happy riding on it. Got to New Delhi one day before my friend, got my Pakistan visa on the way, and during its process I changed once again my ittinerary - to cross Afghanistan. Not alone anymore, I left my biccycle in a hotel, and headed to Rajasthan area, going to Jaipur; then back to Agra and N. Delhi again. Visited gorgeous forts, temples on each city, got to have a close encounter with the Tal Mahal, and spent a few days as an regular tourist...oh my God! Rickshaw and other ppl constantly trying to sell you or direct you to somewhere...it's very irritating, but well...It's just part of it. If you don't like, get out of it...I couldn't wait to do so. Got back to New Delhi, my friend went back...it was good to have someone close for a few days, and head back to my riding. New Delhi, AKA Delhi Belly, put me back on my "D" status, back to dehidratation solution. My mind was set about India...that was only one way for me to enjoy it - getting out ASAP. I met some great ppl on my visit to India, made some great friends, and saw lots of great things, but...it certainly could be better. On my way to Pakistan crossing the Wagga/Attari border, passing by Amritsar city, and Sikh area with its Goldem Temple. See you later... Some ppl were asking me why don't I write more: If I write all I got to say about places, it would take weeks to trully describe every place I've stopped and months to list and describe every person i meet. So, future writing will be made, where more detailed stories, places and ppl will be more fairly mentioned. Also, some stories are being saved for future wirtings.

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I love it.
Nepal is a must for sure!
be safe, u r going to the crazy area.

  shuchen Apr 18, 2007 2:53 PM


Hi Rod,
on your words it seams that Nepal is a paradise. For many years i wish to travel there.
Hope you are doing great.
French advise: put some wine into your water and you wont have anymore problem. Pasteur said: there is not better hygienic drinks than wine.
I started my new job so i am a little more reelax about my finances. So please if you need a little help do not hesitate. Just send me the procedure.
Good luck, good ride.
Best regards.

  Romain Apr 29, 2007 6:07 AM


Nice nice read dude. But had you experienced some bad things here, your version could be otherwise.
By the way, where have you reached now?
I expect to read more from you.

  Vahsek May 4, 2007 3:17 AM


Though I sincerely respect your observation and words, let me correct somethings.

Born and brought up here in Kathmandu, I cannot agree with this words "strongly holds to it's Tibetan Budhist influence." But your observation seems to be be of two areas: Boudhha and Swoyambhu where there is great influence of Tibetans and Tibetan cult.

Let me correct one more thing: Nepal has been declared a secular state some months ago; it remains no more Hindu state officially also. But it's true the majority of population is Hindu.

Dude, you did not go to Bhaktapur, another historical city in the Kathmandu Valley? You missed many things then. Heritage in Bhaktapur is the most conserved.

Hahha. I too have very bad experience with Rickshaw drivers India-- Varanasi to be particular.

Hey, is the friend who came to meet you in India your special friend? Girlfriend I mean?

Yes you are correct; if one who is travelling is asked to write about the places and people he/she visited and met, rather than a traveller he becomes an armchair writer. Take time and tour the world. Find some time later and become a good travelogue writer. Good luck to a writer in the making!
Bon voyage!


(I may forget your webaddress. So do you mind writing me email such that you could be in touch. But don't take my request for a compulsion; if you don't want it's okay.)

  Vahsek May 4, 2007 4:49 AM


Hi Vahsek

Thanks for sharing you knowledge on Nepal. I wish I could spend more time in Nepal...actually, a life time in Nepal would be more like it.
I would be glad to send you an email and keep in touch, but i need your email address thou!

  mutt May 4, 2007 2:48 PM

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