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Chapicuy, where the monument stands.

Uruguay | Wednesday, 2 January 2013 | 5 photos

The answer to "What is reality?" is no other thing but something subjective. I was thinking that my reality is NOW . My reality is what I am today. Today I am a passionate, active and emotive person. Today I know I think a lot about tomorrow, because once in a while what I deeply want visits me.

I know there are a billion photographers, a billion people with a dream, with the same dream, but tonight on 2013 I would like to wish and I would like to say that I want to be a fantastic photographer, I would like to tell I have learned from the best professionals. I would like to say that I had this one opportunity in life. The single idea of having this opportunity makes me collapse, in a wonderful way.

Now, today, I think I am a good amateur photographer but I want to go further. I know the best part depends on us, taking lot of pictures and improving everyday but also I would like to be tested, to hear "you have to improve a lot" but, inspite of that, keep on trying and not giving up. That's my motto, that's Carolina, that's how I am.

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Horseback rider in front of the monument dedicated to Artigas, the national hero.

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