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Introducing, my name is Mohammad Reza Gemi Omandi. I was born in the town of Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia on June 18, 1987. I was very interested when I get the info of photography scholarship to Oman. Little story about the background of my name, there was a relationship in my life about the history of Oman. At the time I was born, my father was working as an expert telecommunication development in Oman, so the father did not know when I was born, and met me at the first years after I was born. Therefore, my mother gave my last name with the word "Oman" in memory of the incident.

Actually, I love photography and travelling since I was little kid. My parents used to take holidays during school holidays. Various tourist attractions in Indonesia I had visited. I always take a photo using a Canon pocket camera Prima BF7 branded films, which is still functioning and saved in my camera closet to document the holidays. Usually, I am the person who take my family pics with the background of the tour. I listened to the tour guide describes the object most enthusiasticly, and if the object attracted me then I will photographed it.

My seriousness in the world of photography began when I entered college. I studied economics in college and there is photography club as unit of the campus activity. I joined immediately and there was the first time I studied photography seriously. Starting introduction of photography tools, foccussing, exsposure, deep of field, and a variety of advanced techniques. At the moment, it is difficult to learn photography because limited camera. It made us to share and form a group with a SLR camera which used by about 10-15 people. At the time, each meeting was only taught one technique and direct hunting. For example, in one day are taught about fokusing, then we took turns to use the camera and practice fokusing. Each time pressing the Shuter and cocked, we note the film number and name on the paper immediately, to mark our work when evaluating on the next meet. The next meeting begins with evaluation of the photos and previous practice was continued with new material, hunting, evaluation and it lasting untill the education is completed. But many friends quited and did not continue their education. At the end of the education, one camera used by 2-3 people.

My love in photography has increased when all the participants showed the photo at the end of the education, and my photos to be the best picture at the time. Since then, I am more diligent hunting. I had to collect money to buy film, wash film, scan film and prints because it was expensive for a single roll of film for me as students. Besides that, I had to be painstakingly to borrow SLR cameras.

The process made me to be serious in taking photos. I have to really prepare any photos I would take, where the location, what the weather was like and others. When pressing the button Shuter, I have to believe that fokusing, exposure, to be precise moment. If I make a mistake it is a part of the film will be worth nothing, and it was very valuable to me. It was struggled and not easy to buy a roll of film (contains 36 slides) for me. I really enjoy the process, because of it filling me better. Because many accomplishments that I received, in 2006 my parents bought me a second-hand SLR camera, an old camera. I was very pleased to maintain and use Canon AE-1 program with a 50mm F1, 2 and 17-24mm. I realized I was very late to get a manual SLR camera, since the year DSLR cameras are emerging. But I was grateful to get it and keep working as best as possible (former camera was purchased for IDR 1.75 million and the price of a DSLR at the time for such an entry level Nikon D40 or Canon 300D approximately IDR 7 million).

I never get discouraged, though from many  friends who have a DSLR, for me "Photographic it's about feeling." And the feeling needs to be sharpened. Continuous work as possible and do not stop learning is the way to sharpen the feeling. At the year of 2010, I have had my own DSLR. One of the reason that prompted me to do the traveling to various places in Indonesia is because I want to get a good and attractive picture, with a record of the unique behavior of natural beauty and culture of Indonesia. Another reason I always improve my work in the photography is I want to be a professional travel photographer, which can record a variety of unique natural and cultural of the world. With photography, I learned a lot of life.

Started in 2006, I teach photography to younger generation and younger friends who are just beginning to learn the photo actively. I love sharing photographic knowledge, exchanging knowledge with anyone. Principle, when we share knowledge to people, the more knowledge come to me.

Type of photography that I like is stillife, portrait, people and traveling. In the photograph I prefer the unique and profound. Sometimes photographed just a few minutes, but for me it can be up to half a day to talk with the objects. Because I believe with the right approach to the objects we can get more optimal results and when the mood of the object can already be issued, taking one minute was enough. Sometimes I would come several times to the object for capture the moment - the moment of the new and unique. In essence, be a good reporter and then so good photographer. So it's not the camera that makes good one photographer, but its work.

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