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Life After the Taliban

About modernnomadphotography

While nomadic life still exists in some places around the world, for most of us nomadic life is merely a thing of the past. We don’t really need to wander endlessly from place to place according to the season of the year, looking for morefertile and prosperous lands. Nowadays we live comfortably at home with pretty much all the basic amenities delivered to us with a simple switch of a button.

However, there are those who, regardless of having a stable and secure life, choose to venture into the world and explore other areas of the planet in a personal quest. A quest not to find a better place to live or even a better life per se. The goal of this very personal quest is something that runs deeper in ourselves and which causes us to feel the need to keep on moving. To continue exploring and discovering new places, meeting new people, learning new languages, tasting new foods, embracing new cultures and customs… Making us much more aware of our surroundings and more connected with our fellow human beings around the world.

In a nutshell, this is indeed the origin of my passion for photography and also the essence that I try to convey in the pictures I take during my journeys as a “modern nomad”.



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