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1440 Eggs

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

United Kingdom | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

My name is Bobby Mills, im 21 and currently pursuing photography both academically and personally in the attempt to have a lifetime in and surrounded by photography. I have for a number of years been enjoying the process of photography, from its technicalities to the nitty gritty that is the beauty of working within analogue methods. These are the photographs i made in a response to 'place'. I used independent roadside cafes from my local area, (South East England), as a grounding 'place' for the photographs to made. This place, as an entire context, represents and attempts narratives to deeper levels of complexity than just surface value. Surrounding these photographs is a diminishing nationally bound heritage, and i think not ideas of a life style, but ideas of everyday life. The 'title' of the work is 1440 Eggs, this is quoted from a talk i had with a cafe owner and was how many eggs the particular cafe is able to sell in one week. This amazed me, and i thought somehow ran in parallel with the unique qualities and atmospheres of the spaces i found myself in, and the people i met, on more than one level. This opportunity, i believe, would allow me to develop in the direction i most aspire too, to make beautiful photographs, but not just on an aesthetic surface value. Images of consideration, within the frame but also outside. Photography is a powerful tool and this opportunity would be one of understanding, learning and articulating the medium beyond what i have been able to achieve so far. I know i could thrive in the environment and context of this assignment, and with mentoring and the experience, i will be one step closer to rendering my potential.

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