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Refreshing Dusk!

INDIA | Saturday, 18 March 2017 | Views [586]

I got to admit that I love the unfamiliarity of the places unknown. Like an addiction for them, I get attracted toward such places. Meeting new people and sharing our journey to them whilst in return knowing their story. There’s always something delicious about writing the first words of the story just like the journey to places you’ve never visited, people you’ve never met. You quite never know where that will take you…

This addiction of meeting strange people, knowing their story and making my own draft from it is getting stronger day by day.

Living in a metropolitan city like Mumbai has its perks as it has its flaws.  Whenever I travel in local I meet new people, new faces. They are vivid with different story each to tell.

The other day when I was travelling back from Churchgate to my home I met a group of transgender. All of them were in their mid 30s. They were dressed in different manners. Each one having beauty of their own. But what caught my attention was that each one of them had a tattoo engraved on their body. Either on their forearm, hand or back. One even had a butterfly inked on the base line of the neck.

Their life was same as of any other human being. Getting up in morning having done all the chores and then leaving for work. They didn’t beg. They worked. They acted in television shows where their own identity was made. They didn’t shy away of letting others know who they were.

I found it quite interesting.  The commoners like us et caught up in everyday life’s mess.  Most of the problems are created by “log kya kahenge” (what people will say?) and half of the dreams are crushed by the same line.

Couple of days back I took a stroll to marine lines. The esplanade is one of my favourite places in Mumbai.  Mumbaikars (residents of Mumbai)are quite proud of the sea view the Queens necklace offers them. Why should not they be? It’s one amazing view to have. Couples like to spend their time at evening by sitting on the balustrade there. The old senior citizens take an evening jog with their pets. The young newly married or new parents take stroll on that esplanade with their loved ones.


Taking my jacket and zipping it till the neck I pulled the hood to cover myself. The wind was a bit cold that day. Besides I love to walk alone. It gives a sense of calmness me and believe me, it helps to look at the surroundings or the people around you. 

I still find it strange how easily I accepted this city and it accepted me in return. Now I feel the anxiety increased whenever I’m not in crowd. I get the sense of safety whenever I’m in this city. The rush makes me feel safe and happy. It’s not same story for all but it is sure for me.

Even after basking with so many setbacks and blasts and tsunami, Mumbai stands glorious and instils the courage and hope each passing day in everyone.

As I sit back on the balustrade yet again today alone and watch the sun setting at the horizon I find a small smile creeping its way to my face.

I’m finding a whole new world ready to be change and be a better place to live.  For this entire place taught me the meaning of simplicity and fighting my own demons as there would be no knight in armour for a girl living in a city as busy as this. Be a girl or a boy. Fighting our own demons will only take us where we want to be. Because no one else will fight for us.

The orange hue has spread its wings and the light shade of moon is visible as I felt moisture in my eyes. I’ve to go home now. Leaving this sea view. Wondering yet again where I was and where my life is going to take me.

Lost beautifully in my intricate thoughts in a small hope this night is treating you all as well.



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