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My Scholarship entry - Middle Kingdom, Middle Class

China | Tuesday, 11 June 2013 | 5 photos

A measly 1200 characters. Here goes:

My name is Mike. I'm a wanderer. When I travel, my camera is as necessary as my passport. New places and cultures inspire me. I've always felt compelled to try and capture my experiences on the road. For what reason exactly, I was never sure, but I knew I got a kick out of it. I guess it was a way of connecting with and understanding a place. Then I decided to document my last adventure in a photography blog. The project pushed me to be more immersed and aware in 'the moment' in order to capture it honestly. The publishing outlet gave my photography purpose and really changed the way I approached a situation. I enjoyed the challenge of capturing the feel of a place, its mood, its details, its characters, its narratives through photos. I think my photography progressed immensely as I became more attuned to telling the story of a place through images.

I still have a lot to learn though, and the opportunity to spend time with a professional in the field excites me. If I could combine my curiosity for the world with my love of photography into a career, I would be one chuffed wanderer indeed.

Oh yeah. And I love wild places. I have lugged my gear up many a cold mountain in the dark in the hope of capturing a life-affirming sunrise. So pick me! (please)

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