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My Scholarship entry - Paradise land of Papua

Indonesia | Friday, 21 November 2014 | 5 photos

Papua is the second largest island in the world. Divided by two countries of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, this island has rich biodiversity. Alfred Russel Wallace, a british naturalist, noted that Papua's species biodiversity is similar with Australian ecological biodiversity.

Yet, while global industrial now put their hand to exploit natural resources, the Papua's ecosystem is threatened. In 2014, I have visited the Bird's head peninsula of Papua to identify the biodiversity and socio-cultural livelihood of the local people. I have seen people in this particular location are understand their land has richness biodiversity. Forest is important for local people in order to fulfill their daily needs.

All of the precious rich ecological system might be vanish in future as the global industries has point their finger to exploit this island. But i hope i was wrong. I have a dream our next generation could able to see the ecological treasures as I witnessed today. It might be hard, but i do believe that there are always a room for hope.

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