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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

From a picturesque province of Laguna in the Philippines. I am a Nurse with TLC to my patients, as my colleagues and patients says. I took care of my patients by giving wholistic care, I give them health education on ways on how to manage their Illness and if not, much better to prevent more preventable diseases. I drive my patients to live, by giving them inspiration, by telling them stories that I heard from others, sharing my ideas, giving my supports, my travel experiences and the beauty of life, cultures and the natures can give.

I love photography. I took pictures of the surroundings I have been, special occasions and the life within it. I love travelling and photography to capture moments of life, to bring memory to document, to promote my advocacy, my dreams and aspiration, to help and be a windows to others who does not have the chance to see other places, to tell stories, cultures from other places, to show how good is our God as a creator of this world, give them reasons why do we need to treasure our environment, our life and how to protect it.

Travel and Photography is a Passion of life, it tells a thousand words, it brings excitement, and relaxation. Though some time I have this Love and Hate relationship moments with my photography. I get annoyed, if I got bad shots due to lack of skills. I hope to learn to achieve skills to overcome this frustration. I saw this chance of a lifetime experience to be mentored by a great Jason Edwards of National Geographic. Actually this is my second time to join; I was beaten by Anna Zhu that time. But she deserves better when I saw her photos and stories. I hope this time is my chance. Africa is my dream country, its wildlife, and for its people who is also said to be a Dreamers, like former President Nelson Mandela, who have made lots of changes to his country that influenced me to dream Bigger, to have the sense of volunteerism and patriotism, to serve and support community development. I want to see and be more inspired by seeing his works and people. Hoping also got the chance to work or become volunteer in African nation and the National Geographic, or with the U.N.

Help me to pursue my passion on travel photography and providing community development through educating people. Many THANKS!

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