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About melodyd83

Kiwi, travel lover, explorer & health & fitness professional.  I want to grab life, travel through it appreciatively, and be able to communicate that process with others.  I write about my passions: healthy lifestyle, healthy mind, world exploration!

At age 11 my family moved to Uganda, and the joke has been that our parents gave us the travel bug. I adore flying. As a Kiwi, flying and travel are intertwined for me. It means I’m going somewhere; I’m exploring, I’m experiencing, I’m living.

What can I say, the thought of being in an uncomfortably small space without leg room for an extended period of time just does it for me! I love NZ, but I also know that I will travel throughout my entire life.

I became a personal trainer after working as a professional dancer for years, while completing my Bachelor of Health Science (Hons).  Dissertations are fun, right?!  Through the years I was lucky enough to keep traveling, while also running a business as a trainer, researcher, and dancer. I then shut down my business to explore the world with my sister for 8 months....which was one of my most excellent life decisions!  

I now enjoy combining the knowledge and experience I've gained to compile short helpful books or articles on health, fitness & travel.

Your mind-set determines your reality, and when we understand the power of our mind and mind-set then we can start to see change in all realms of our lives. Grasping this concept led me to take control of my own life and health, and general view on life.  For me travel is an integral part of that.  I love feeling the vibrant energy of travelling through life feeling energised, and knowing that I am really living and appreciating...and it's fun right?!

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