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The humanitarian is gone

Monday, 5 Apr 2010 | Views [325]

How is this for bitchy? I decided to have breakfast at a riverside restaurant, and as soon as I sat down a young boy tried to sell me a local English-language newspaper. I could see that the price on the newspaper has been altered with ink so when he ... Read more >

The accidental humanitarian

Sunday, 4 Apr 2010 | Views [399]

The unintentional theme for today was contributing to the disabled or less fortunate in Cambodia. On my way to get a shot of Wat Phnom in the morning sun, I saw two fellows collecting money from walkers-by. I didn’t understand what the fuss was until ... Read more >

Cambodia smiles

Saturday, 3 Apr 2010 | Views [361]

I was a fool to look for kindness in a friendly conversation with a Cambodian. The kindnesses are subtle and unspoken, but they are there. It is there when I sit down at a café and someone comes to set a fan next to my table. It is there when the fellow ... Read more >

.....I never did find that landmine museum

Friday, 2 Apr 2010 | Views [463]

I was supposed to leave Siem Reap this morning, but a last-minute e-mail from my friend Kathryn sent me running to the bus ticket agency to change my date of departure. Because of a booking conflict with her hotel in Bangkok she had decided to hop on ... Read more >

Photos: Cambodia pics

Friday, 2 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Last day at Angkor Wat

Wednesday, 31 Mar 2010 | Views [436]

The Temples at Angkor--Day 3 I made it for the sunrise just to say that I have done it which is a good thing because it was cloudy this morning and that greatly decreases the dramatic effect. I was joined by about a million other tourists who dragged ... Read more >

Ta Prohm, Thommanon and the Terraces

Monday, 29 Mar 2010 | Views [549]

The Temples of Angkor--Day 2   Still didn’t catch the sunrise, although I was around before most of the tourists. I get strange looks from the groundskeepers as I pedal past, and there are a lot of them. Even in the heat they stay covered head to ... Read more >

The learning curve of the solo tour

Sunday, 28 Mar 2010 | Views [484]

The Temples of Angkor---Day 1 What can I say about Angkor Wat that has not already been said? I like riding my rental bike around the monument. That may be a new one. Seriously, the area is wonderfully level. The blacktop is in good shape. I am glad ... Read more >

Feeling cynical in Siem Reap

Saturday, 27 Mar 2010 | Views [412]

Bait and Switch, Bait and Switch….I am starting to see it everywhere. When I bought the bus ticket to Siem Reap the clerk at the desk told me that they had a sister hotel in Siem Reap. They offered $6 rooms that were as nice as the ones in Phnom Penh, ... Read more >

Has the monsoon come already?

Friday, 26 Mar 2010 | Views [355]

I got a small taste of what Phnom Penh is like in the rainy season. When I left the hotel this morning, there was just a slight drizzle and I was kicking myself for not purchasing an umbrella when I had the chance. I was determined to go see a different ... Read more >

Travel notes from Phnom Penh

Thursday, 25 Mar 2010 | Views [643] | Comments [1]

March 23, 2010 The bus ride to Phnom Penh was five hours of Cambodian karaoke and one hour of a Cambodian comedy show. We stopped at a rest area where they sold delicacies such as toasted locusts and fried spiders. I bought a cut-up pineapple for 50 ... Read more >

Greasing palms at the Laos/Cambodia border

Monday, 22 Mar 2010 | Views [604]

If it weren’t for the heat, I would close the window of my hotel room. There seems to be some kind of musical performance nearby that sounds like a combination of large drums and improvised xylophone music. I am in Kratie, Cambodia about 200km northeast ... Read more >



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