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My third eye vision

My Scholarship entry -bon voyage

Pakistan | Thursday, 4 July 2013 | 5 photos

Photography is not only capturing the scene on film it’s all about my life and passion. As photography means "Painting with light” As a photographer, I paint the picture with a clear vision of spectrum. Me and my passion altogether and the vision of my third eye's vision make the picture complete. I try my best to grab the scenes and tell the story of beautiful places as we stand there.

A famous saying is “A picture is better than the thousands of words”. I always try to take pictures from different angels. I believe that the true picture make by the combination of thought, angel and colours. I am not the accidental photographer. Behind it I always study the techniques. I also believe on experiments. My camera is my friend who knows what the result truly I want. My biggest dream is to capture the world in a different manner give the result in the form of story, and I am a story teller. My canvas is large and I want to find more billions of colours from the world to PAINT THE PICTURE.

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