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Lost in Translation

SOUTH KOREA | Monday, 21 March 2011 | Views [409]

Yesterday, Monday March 21st is a great example of how things get lost in translation. I was invited to my co-teacher Eun Sun's wedding this Saturday. Two weeks ago I was told I couldn't go because I didn't have a ride. Yesterday Eun Sun said she would find me a ride. This turned out to be my principle who is very excited to take me and the news spread quickly around the school, before I even knew! I booked a trip to Seoul this weekend for my friend Monica's birthday and it's right after we get our first salary. We got the KTX (bullet train) family 4-packs and found/booked a hostel. 8 people going up and meeting many more there, so naturally I was extremely excited. I got the balls to tell Eun Sun I didn't think I could go because I booked a trip to Seoul due to the fact I was told I couldn't make it to her wedding. She turned bright red and almost started crying. I felt so bad! Then she said that KTX tickets are refundable. Also, denying the principle of his offer to drive me would look terrible. So I told her I would call about a refund and let her know.  When I called Eun Sun back she was sooooo happy. She really is the biggest sweetheart ever. I am excited to go to a traditional Korean wedding, I think the experience will be priceless, but I hate to miss a trip I helped to plan! Oh well, Korea is all about surprises and last minutes changes so I just have to roll with the punches.

I did book my ticket for Jeju Island, which is like Korea's pride and joy. It is tropical, white sand beaches, waterfalls etc. I am going with my friends and am really excited. A good friend of mine, Bryan, is meeting us there. We went to school in Hawaii together and he is the person who really got me started on this whole teaching in Korea idea. Should be a good time.

I taught 4th grade today. They are so adorable! I taught them about mother's day, father's day, different ways people greet each other around the world, and 4th of July. I showed them a youtube video of fireworks from NYC last summer. They freaked out. Too cute.

Turns out I live near a lot of people and I am very lucky. Kristin and I are making Monday nights our dinner night. She lives one subway stop away from me, so I am just going to walk to her house and then we will cook something for dinner. There is an awesome street market on Mondays a block from her so it works out perfect. We buy or fruit, veggies and basically whatever else we will need for the week and then split it. Fresh food for very cheap and a buddy to share the experience with. What else could I ask for?!


This morning I was told about a teacher dinner tonight at a fresh fish spot! I am excited and interested to see what all it will entail. I have yet to drink soju and beer with fellow teachers and go to karaoke. A lot of other teachers have and said it's a blast, so if not tonight I hope sometime in the future I will get the opportunity. I will keep yall posted! XOXO

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