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The World through my eyes My goal is to rediscover West Africa by documenting my travels around the region with a long term goal and vision to cover the rest of Africa and the world.

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Bitting through the tuna fish

Bitting through the tuna fish

I grew up with a kind of curiosity my dad had called creative-curiosity; from small I had that keen mind for details. My fascination for words at such an early age set me on an early writing spree.

At 14 I kept a diary of the harsh reality of the first stage of the Liberian civil war traveling as a displaced. and after the first stage of the war, after high school I joined the National Security Agency of Liberia to improve my skill as a writer, because my father was not willing to spend his resources on a dreamer.

But the incessant raging of the war led me to travel far away from home. And on my travel, my eyes were open to things i never thought of and the experience suddenly became a whole new experience for me.

I saw nature in its totality: the different people of the west African continent and their unique cultures. And soon I began to crave for more adventure. From Guinea to Ivory Coast to Senegal and unto Ghana- with a wide appetite to taste and feel and eat the entire world and add my voice to many whose appetite for the thrill was satisfied- i followed the thrill in buses, strange vehicles and Air planes to fill this ravenous appetite of mine.

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