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Mayurakshi in Birbhum - My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

India | Monday, 7 November 2011 | 5 photos

Creativity and originality have always sparked active interest in me since my childhood.I have always had a flair for visual arts and loved to interact with different mediums of expression.But I am not gifted with the ability to pen down my thoughts in a well organized manner,neither am I good with the pencils and sketchbook.
Photography is the medium of expression that has always whetted my creative appetite.I love watching ordinary life from my perspective and giving it a new dimension.Before I had my first camera,I used to perceive fleeting moments suddenly,which,I felt,were worth being captured in frames.I consider myself lucky to be born in a culturally diverse country like India,which has enriched my visual senses to a great extent and helped me realise the value of these fleeting moments,which,even though cannot always be captured through the lenses,but are captured through the inner eye of our minds.
I have always nurtured a passion for visual expression,which I can influence with my creativity and sense of aesthetics and which also has an intimate correlation with the real world.The fact that most intrigues me is that I can shape my emotions combined with my passion for this art to create something that enables me to portray the changing times,the harsh reality in front of the masses and return something to the society that nourishes me.
These photos were taken by me while I was in college,I tried to capture a day in the life of the nearby village people living near the banks of the river Mayurakshi in Suri,Birbhum.
Being a part of your assignment will definitely provide me the opportunity to broaden my horizons,develop the versatility,learn and also unlearn certain skills necessary for pursuing my passion and help me reach my full potential as a photographer.

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Clear-cutting the timberland - Villagers cut down the bamboo forests and other trees on the eroding riverbanks, and take away the timber to build huts or put it to commercial use, before the river devours their fertile agricultural lands and crops.

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