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My Scholarship entry - Morocco: A Land and People Shaped by Wind

Canada | Friday, 7 November 2014 | 5 photos

I've been participating in adventure trips for a few years now. In the last 14 months alone, I have cycled across 6 countries (Morocco, Romania, Israel, Germany, Austria, Italy). Nothing gets me more excited that an awesome adventure. It's this passion that led me to develop a passion for photography. As a storyteller (copywriter by profession), Travel Photography is my way of immersing myself in and documenting my journey. Constantly on the lookout, not wanting to miss capturing some spontaneous, unique piece of action, or patiently waiting for the right moment to present itself, photography enhances my connection to my experiences. I would love nothing more than to work, learn, discover and create with legend, Jason Edwards. In the Amazon of all places! My high-energy, curious, enthusiastic nature makes me an ideal student. Let's go!

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