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This and more, this and Everything

Colombia | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

My life, like that of all people that dare become capables and strongest for me is remembered in instants so in my life find the marvelous in the simple, the extraordinary everyday.

If i don't have my camera in my hand it's completely incomplete , when i was discovering my camera , i discovered my life so simply my talent was revealed, so i started , as the others persons i was abandoned by my work , i had to live moments feeling so much hungry ,tears and debts to my neck but i had one purpose and whit a large amount of love and conviction ,with a big and clear idea of being a photographer for National Geographic before 2020 on the other hand i had to Second equipment and paid in installments, digging contests to pay for food and housing and try to survive , in order to that being photographer would I want to be that and more, this or all, being photographer not is only lifestyle ,it's just mine is my only option because that is what I decided

Not only its a dream its a goal and dawn shows road , this scholarship takes part as seethis scholarship is part as I see it a step further, because I'm just willing to endure anything to get it, because I am walking 10 hours without eating making photographs nature and not get tired and there is always room for one more shot, I can always improve a little more and achievement be who I want to be or die trying.

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I felt, i cant descriptive , but even i tried fortunately i obtained, i capture him , i obtained to make me moment , as i wanted .

While he sailing with his canoe , he do his job , and he continuing his routine , he lived his life and while i expectating how i do , how i obtain this magic ¿ and i discovered i want i put up, pulled my old 500mm , so and after several attempts to ran with my backpack , and cumbersome tripod in hand, after this I manage to capture it as I wanted, as I imagined aligning the sun, and my  landscape through the lens.

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