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In Transit

FINLAND | Monday, 29 September 2014 | Views [314]


This story is slightkly out of date, since I've been in Prague for just over 20 hours, but since the stories of getting from one place to another are always entertaining, it's worth including this. Oh, and it was written in situ, so not a retrospective piece!

Now is the perfect time for a blog entry. I’m sitting in Helsinki, lost in what feels like transit limbo. I’m freaking out about my checked luggage going missing. Can’t say exactly why that’s bothering me, but it is. I smell like the back end of a decomposing yak. Or if I don’t, I feel like I do! After a pleasant flight from Sydney to Singapore, despite an endless circus of screaming children, I transitted through Changi Airport. Utterly unremarkable. Airports just don’t feel real. Except home. Real is leaving and real is coming home. Everything else is weird. You’re always at an airport at strange hours. The simple explanation is that whatever hour your body clock thinks it is, doesn’t match local time.  So even when you’re in an airport during normal business hours, your brain is convinced it’s 4am or whatever.

Anyway, after passing through Singapore, I boarded my flight for Helsinki. I think Finnair shrunk the plane by accident. Obviously, ordinary-sized people aren’t supposed to fit in those seats. Actually, I don’t know who they think fit into those lumpy buckets. And of course I end up with some Finnish beefcake sitting next to me. His shoulders were wider than the aisle. I did some napping on the flight, but mostly I suffered extreme discomfort, in varying forms. If I’d had more holidays, I would have taken a break in the middle – split the journey up. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have. I would have done exactly what I did. Only 3 more hours, then I’m in Prague, making shit up as I go along. That promises to be exciting. Catch a train to the central and figure it out from there… Wait, I have wifi. I could look this shit up right now and save myself one hell of a headache!

So much for blogging… Okay folks, this is all you get… for now! Stay tuned for more silliness!

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