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Little dreams always come true

FRANCE | Saturday, 10 May 2014 | Views [380]

Little dreams always come true 

Hello, my sweet reader! This short story is dedicated to my memories and events, which took place in Paris a year ago.

Being a student and having a lack of money, but great desire to have a lot of spicy feelings, I decided to travel into Europe and have an unforgettable trip. Taking in account that I’m from Ukraine, I had to make a lot of affords to compile the necessary sum of money. Of course I managed to reach it! Another problem was getting a Schengen visa. As you know, Ukraine is such kind of country where to get your visa can take you much longer time, than, for instance, to swim to Australia on your own. But it didn’t let me down. Travelling is the biggest passion in my life, so I decided to have a journey under no circumstances.

After having the 6-month economy mode, I was leaving for 4 countries – Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), and Czech Republic (Prague). I was fond of every country and city, but the target of my trip was to see my dream – The Eiffel Tower. And, surely, to take a photo with it.

We were travelling by bus, but even the inconvenient sits and sleeping in such pose didn’t spoil our spirit. When we arrived into Paris our feelings ran high, our mood was excellent and expectations were great. The first place we had to visit in our program was, of course, the symbol of Paris. All of the travellers in our bus were looking forward to see it for a long time and we couldn’t believe in our success. And we haven’t to do it. The point is that we were able to see the tower only for 2 seconds from the window of the bus while moving near it.  That moment I was beside myself with rage, they made me see red! Our guide told us that there is too less time for us to go out on the street and he supposed that there was no need to make any photo, because it would be too trivial. Eventually, I lost my temper at all. Now I didn’t have any slightest desire to have the other excursions according to the program tour. I thought that I haven’t cried for the moon and it have been unacceptable that I couldn’t reach such simply goal.

Fortunately, I’m a kind of person who never gives up, even at the top of the despair. So, I decided to see my dream on my own. Moreover, at that moment I thought Paris to be quite easy and not confusing city. It’s a pity that the first sight is always the mistaken one.

After saying bye-bye to my group I started my journey in hope to see the tower in the shortest time. The weather was great in the beginning of my way, what I couldn’t say about it a little bit later. In half an hour it was raining cats and dogs and I was wet to the skin. Despite it I kept approaching to my aim.

When I reached the city center I was sure that there were only few steps that separated me from the tower. Even in 2 hours wandering the streets I refused point blank to believe that I have lost my way.

I asked people for help, but nobody had enough time to have a chat with wet Ukrainian girl under the shower. I began to worry really very much. It was the very moment when I was worrying not about having no photo near the Eiffel tower, but being lost and late for the bus of my group. I was afraid I would go neither to my next country Luxembourg, nor to my sweet home in Ukraine.

Thinking a lot about it, I came to conclusion that crying wouldn’t help and this situation wouldn’t let me down. So I had to cheer up!

It has been a second since I thought it, when I met him – my saver. He was very handsome guy of 25 from Casablanca. He tried to explain the right way in such desperately way, he was so kind and his look was so helpful, that I was fascinated by his charm. In conclusion it ruined me, because I didn’t realize any word he had said to me. How vexing! What a nuisance!

When he asked me if I understood the route and if everything was clear to me, I lied him and answered yes. The rain was too heavy and I didn’t want to detain him any longer.

 I started my way to nowhere again. I realized that the only wish I had had was to find my group and there haven’t already been any sound about the tower. But somebody’s touching of my shoulder interrupted my thoughts. I couldn’t believe myself: it was my saver. He refused from his plans and decided to help my dream came true.

Having an incredible walk and talk we didn’t noticed that the rain was over and the weather was getting better.

To cut the long story short we came to the destination! We were so close to the tower that I even touched it! Then we walked to the sightseeing square, where I could take the favored photo.


Of course, these words won’t convey you, my dear reader, the feelings I had that day, but you must believe me: it was fantastic!

After taking the desirable photo he left me and went on his own business. If you are interested in the development of our relations after the occasion I can answer you. This development hasn’t taken place in my life. I haven’t seen him any time after saying goodbye that day. First time I was a little bit upset, but then I understood that there is nothing to be sore about: I had fantastic time in Paris and never to be forgotten journey!

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