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Irish photography

My Scholarship entry - trip to Northern Ireland

Ireland | Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | 5 photos

Originally from Poland, currently I live in Ireland. I don't work as a professional photographer, I treat it as a hobby. For me photography is not just shooting photos, it is more exploring and discovery. I love travel and discover new places. Why should I be chosen? Sometimes people say that I shoot beautiful photos, I always say, that the world surrounding us is beautiful and I just want to show the way how I see the world, from my perspective. It could be anything from mountains, lakes, seashores, to our gardens and parks, near place where we live. Beauty is everywhere, we have to just have to see it. Sometimes I see people passing by, looking me when I shooting photos, and then they start to shoot. I just think , yes, we live in an amazing world.

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