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Dau's adventure - a panda tale

A homeless time - Part 1

GREECE | Saturday, 22 November 2014 | Views [356]

It was the evening of my birthday when my first lady decided that she wants to go for a trip, so we just took what we thought is necessary, found a tent (which we never used) and took the bus to Athen's central bus station, from there we took the first bus which was leaving to Patras, it was night, and we arrived to Patras around midnight, the weather was a bit cold and there was a chance for rain, but we didn't care a lot about it.. but we were sleepy, in our plan, we wanted to spend as less money for this travel as possible, so we didn't want to take hostles or anything, we decided to sleep on the street, we were walking and found a building which had something as a garage for cars, we went there and spent the night, it started raining when we were there so we were glad we didn't sleep in the street.

At 4 a.m. we woke up and ran away from there so the people won't make us problems, we walked a bit in Patras and then took a bus which was going to Igoumenitsa, from Igoumenitsa we took a ferry, we ended up in Corfu late at night, the rain was so heavy that we were totally wet, so we took a hostel, but on the next day, we started our hardcore travel, as we went out of the city, we arrived to a town, rather a ghost town, there were completely no people (it became logical later when we got that its touristic town and as far as we were in the middle of november, it was too cold for tourists to go anywhere), we had a nice thought to walk in an opposite direction from which we came, and so we started.

When it became dark, there were no lights on the street, we were using flash lights which we had with ourselves in order to not fall of a cliff, when we thought its too late already and we should sleep (which later turned out to be 19) we found beach, we went down to the sand, spent our evening sitting and listening to waves and watching stars, my cute girl had candles with herself so she made a cute atmosphere for us, after all we noticed hotel's beach bar, which had a roof so the instinct told us to sleep under it in case it rains, which was very smart thought because it did rain that night, it was so heavy rain that there was almost a flood and we had wet sleeping bag later because the roof had holes.

In the middle of our calm night, in the middle of our dream, a random flashlight appears, a person is shouting on us and moving the flashlight, I jump out of the sleeping bag watching the guy's hands in case he had any weapon, he kept shouting something in Greek which I didn't understand, after some seconds of adrinaline rush the guy got calm, he started talking in a language we understand, he was the guy who is guarding the hotel and making sure no people are stealing from his beach bar.. and he let us continue our sleep, on the beach, in a cold night, while its raining... I thought in myself "he could at least ask us if we would like to sleep in a warmer place.." ehhh but yeah.. life is not made of honey.

early in the morning we left the beach, took a random bus which drove us to another ghost town, in daytime everything is beautiful and nice, no people to annoy you, and the beach is all yours, we made some nice friendship there with a cat and a donkey, the cat kept annoying the donkey, and the donkey wanted to bite the poor little cat, when the sun decided that its time for it to sleep, we needed to find a place to sleep as well, we were walking with the street, we had no clue where does it go, but we didn't care a lot.. we just kept walking, eating mandariens and trying not to panic.. at some point we got tired and just sat by the side of the road, when an old red car appeared, it stopped near us, and the window opened, the guy was asking "what are you waiting for?", we answered "we don't know!", he asked "but where are you going?", we answered again with "we don't know", he said "what are your plan then?", our answer with a sad tone "we have no idea, we're just thinking about a place to sleep", he answered immedeatly "oh, you can come to my place and spend the night there".. A random man asks two people to spend the night in his home, you can own guess what kind of thoughts we had at that moment.

Then he continued "I just have to pick up my kids and we will go to home, if you want..", I thought within myself "if he has kids, and going to pick them up, somehow he shouldn't be a serial killer or something, so we can accept his invitation", we agreed, jumped in his old car and went with him, we picked up his two beauiful kids, he had a little young lady, and a little man, we had a great time with them, ate, took shower, slept in a warm bed, used wifi to check where we ended up, we heard his story, his life experiences and he told us how much he respects the people who just go for adventures, he was a great person who should be respected, for his mind and his beautiful soul, for trusting people and spreading hope that there is still some humanity in this world, some caring and love.

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