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Taste of the South

Passport & Plate - Jundo

Egypt | Friday, 6 March 2015 | 5 photos

? Lady fingers
? 1 Oil
? 1 table spoon Butter
? 1 big Onion
? 1 tea spoon Salt& pepper
? 1 tea spoon Cumin
? 1 tea spoon Rosemary
? Half a cup Chicken soup
? 300 kg Diced meat


How to prepare this recipe
*Boil the lady fingers until soft. In a separate pan put butter and oil and add onion, then a pinch of cumin, rosemary, salt and pepper, diced meat and chicken soup
* Put the mix on the lady fingers .
*Preheat the oven
Add the lady fingers with the other mix
Put it ll in a pot in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.


The story behind this recipe
The story

For the first time in my life I could taste the air, sun and earth. The food was sailing softly and smoothly across my stomach like boats in the Nile.
It happened in my last day in Aswan a quiet, slow paced city located south of Egypt. I woke up to find the hill on the other side of the shore dipped in the Nile like a biscuit in a cup of tea and the sailing boats were looking like a peaceful line of pigeons
I went outside,. I chose the first one I saw where I found the sailor, his wife and his 2 children gathered around a tiny pot of food. The sailor's wife stood up and took my hand into the shaking boat. The family wasn't ready to give up its meal yet so the mother gave me few crumbs and invited me to dig in. I didn't hesitate, I was more curious than hungry. "It's called Jundo ", said the lady, a Nubian name that's doesn't give a hint about the ingredients."But I like when food plays with me "guess me?" game", I said to myself. "Mmmmm, lady fingers that's really obvious, diced meat totally drunk with butter, cumin, and this taste definitely rosemary" .
By the time a piece of onion grinned under my teeth I was already out of this world and approaching the other side of the shore."
It wasn't only "Jundo" that I tasted; I also the flavor of "time" taken to make this meal, a punch of "peace and harmony" cooked on a low heat, I felt the food breathing in my mouth for the first time, things I never taste in the hasty life of the city.

Were the lady fingers planted in here?", I asked the sailor's wife who answered gently "yes", and pointed at a little paradise floating on the Nile.
I thanked the lady and the sailor, and expressed how much I Ioved their city and that I envy them for their simple life, the sailor answered:" You people of the North don't know anything about us, we are on the frontiers neglected and isolated, we lake a lot of services and facilities".
I felt stunned, didn't know how to answer the southern man, for me they had everything, maybe it was the price they had to pay for serenity and quietness, for the Nile to look like the Nile and for lady fingers to taste like lady fingers

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