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Fading London

Fading London

United Kingdom | Monday, November 7, 2011 | 5 photos

My name is Magdalena Golembiewska. I am a third year Photography student at the University of East London. Originally from Poland, I came to London five years ago.

I feel that my photos should win because they not only show the landscape but also represent a greater idea I am trying to communicate to the viewer.

My 5x4 format photo series is contemplating the issue of different cultural influences on the city landscape over time, alongside industrial needs and other aspects such as architectural aspiration. The story it shares is the desire of architects over several generations to service their contemporary needs and to try to bring something more impressive to the city landscape.

We also explore the disappearance and slow ‘death‘ of these locations together with the idea of the times in which they appeared. The purpose of the series is to show constant human progress but also the fragility of each culture.

I would be very grateful if given the opportunity to observe the life of a professional photographer for the duration of the assignment. I want to learn and the opportunity like this can teach me techniques that otherwise would take me years to pick up.

Also I am very eager to learn and very interested in listening to advice that will help improve my technique.
For me the purpose of photography can be to illustrate the connections we have to one and another. Its aim is to reveal hidden relationships within the world.
When showing my pictures to the greater community I want them to feel the familiarity of the strange and relate that to their own experiences.

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