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South Pacific Solo Backpacking Trip 2014 This trip will be one of only many backpacking trips I plan going on in the future. 2 months traveling the pristine islands of Fiji, the North/South islands of New Zealand 'the adventure capital of the world' and the east coast of Australia

About lucas_guimont

I am a recent college grad for Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Dakota eager to stop dreaming of places I want to see and start living out my dreams.  The first step in this is fufilling a promise I made to myself back in High School to travel to New Zealand in my college years.  My fascination for New Zealand has only grown through the years and starting January 21st, 2014 I will finally be able to embark on my 2 month journey to the south pacific including destinations to Fiji and Australia as well.  

My Travel Map: