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Ten years in Camphill Accounts of a volunteer vagabond filled with copious amounts of wanderlust

About lokodizsolt

I have lived in various intentional communities called Camphill for over ten years now. These communities are based in various parts of the world, whilst the majority of them are in the UK. There are committed teams of people living here, who are passionate about various aspects of sustainable living and caring for people with various disabilities such as Autism or Downs syndrome. Camphill has a distinct relationship with its people, traditions, culture and also with the environment, nature and ethical living. I have started my Camphill years as an international volunteer, part of a group of volunteers from all over the world, like Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan, or Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania. I have moved to Camphill from Transylvania, Romania. I belong to a large Hungarian minority, living in Transylvania, called the Seklers. The first part of my childhood was spent in still communist Romania, when the country was practically shut from the West till 1989. Western influences, new culture shock only came in the early 90‘s. Ten years have passed, and after finishing high school I have worked as a teacher and newspaper editor for a while, and then I decided to go out  and about to chase my dreams, meet new cultures and to travel. It didn’t end up like a Quixote style windmill chase, it was and it still is one amazing roller coaster ride. I haven’t settled down, don’t own a house or a car, don’t have children, and my worldly possessions fit in a few suitcases. I have chosen instead to travel as much as time has allowed me to do. I saved the coppers and managed to go to Japan a few times and to Morocco. I have done Interrailing in a dozen European countries. I love camping in the Scottish Highlands or on the Isle of Skye and I’m planning a journey to India. Wherever I go, I take my camera with me and I try to tell a story with my photos. I’m a keen amateur photographer and I still have a lot to learn. I don’t have idols as such, but I enjoy looking at the works of Art Wolfe or following the travels of Michael Palin. In the future I would like to do a project on dying or vanishing hand-crafts from all over the world.Many of the Camphill communities do woodwork, wood carving, basket making, baking, weaving, bee keeping, candle making, pottery and all of these activities create ample opportunities for meaningful work and preserving traditions on the way. The result so far is beautiful surroundings, ponds, bit of wildlife, fruit trees, fruit bushes, gardens, farmyards, workshop centers, and lots of “able disabled people”. My big dream is to contribute to the development of sustainable living in the various Transylvanian villages and to revive traditional lifestyles and the disappearing crafts that are done by a handful of older people. What better way to gather experience for this than to travel as much as possible, and to tell the stories with a camera.


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