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Young wanderlust Wanderlust is a strong desire to travel the world... 17 years old, with the world in front of my feet!

About livew

I am a soon to be 18 year old curious, happy and passionate norwegian girl with a strong desire to explore the world. I could not begin soon enough, so at 17 I left home and travelled as far away from home as I possibly could - all the way down under to the amazing land of Australia. Here I have seen the most incredible things, and learned so much more about the world and about myself. Yet, I am still so young and I have so much more to learn. When my ecxchange time expires, a door closes, but new ones will reveal new discoveries, places and memories. I have the world infront of my feet - and this is where it will all be written down. You are more than welcome to follow me on my journey! 


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