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The Cycle of Life

About littlebrowngypsy

"Relaxing - How Beautiful is Life" May 8th, 2013: A macaque monkey in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud, Bali. He is reclining in the sun on his back with a dreamy look in his eyes as if he is experiencing pure bliss. The antics of the monkeys mimic real human traits.

Who am I? 

I am in what I call my "third" phase of life, first life I was a bit of a rogue daughter, second was a mother and wife and running restaurants whlst indulging my passion for food, wine, travel and photography.  Now I am minus the wife title and the restaurants but still loving travel, food, wine and photography and pursuing it with gusto.

I am an Australian currently squatting in Thailand, the land of spirits, simplicity and colour, which is a great inspiration.  After studying photography, fashion design, a very short stint of studying journalism and owning restaurants for too many years, I am recreating my life's direction.  Taking the time to really see and celebrate what is around me with a fresh childlike wonder and perspective through the lens of a camera.  To appreciate that the world is one large village of differing cultures, cuisines, environments, and above all else people.

To capture the decadence of a dripping chocolate sauce, looking through a frosty wine glass to the vision behind it, honing in on an exotic flower amidst a lush resort garden or the gentle folds of a mosquito net over an expanse of white bed linen.  To squatting on a dirt track in the far north of Myanmar having a somewhat "hand gesturing" conversation with a local elderly woman, or sharing a shy smile that is flashed at you from the dirty brown face of a child playing on the side of a village roadway.

Sometimes playing with captured images to manipulate them into more of a fantasy image, whether it is by exaggerated colours or definition.  To take something ordinary and lift it above that initial conception with a bit of imagination. I relish defining a small detail of no real consequence, and making it a focal point. From taking the photograph to spending hours manipulating it. This has become a passion that resonates with each detailed discovery I unearth when the image is blown up on the texture of canvas.


My life continues to be a tapestry of intermingled feelings of wonder and astonishment at the world we live in.