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Moments of Magic

My Scholarship entry - Beyond The Surface

USA | Friday, 21 November 2014 | 5 photos

Travel must somehow be ingrained in my DNA. I continue to feel more comfort in ceaseless movement and continuous change then the habitual routines of daily life. My heart beats for adventure, exploration and new opportunities to learn and expand. Throughout my numerous travel experiences, cultural encounters and the many incredible people that have blessed my life journey, I have been altered and transformed in ways I never dreamed possible.

My Belief:
In every moment resides a bit of magic; if we choose to see it. To many the concept of infinite magical moments might seem improbable and possibly unimaginable, while for others it is truth, a reality. One may question the existence of magic in challenging times, but in hindsight after deep analysis and thorough examination severe hardships can often offer some of the most profound moments of beauty and renewal.

Capturing magical moments in a photo presents an opportunity to visually depict fascinating stories, life changing experiences, unforgettable memories and profound truths. In this, the innermost magic exists, and my hope is to someday have the opportunity to share this insight with the world via photographs.

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