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So I'm a 25 year old politics graduate from Sydney, and I gotta say I get tired of talk. As they say, talk is definately cheap. I got alot of talk at uni, and I guess I reached a point where it's just not enough. Action is much more valuable.

We're putting unprecedented stress on our planet. We know that much. We're taking more fish, more coal, more water, more trees and putting out more pollution than we ever have before. We know the problems. Climate change, deforestation, population, sanitation, all those other ones that end in 'tion'. We've talked about them for a long time. So what are people actually doing about these problems? How can we learn from what's happening so that we can start getting constructive? Where are some good news stories of action to inspire and educate us? We only seem to hear about the problems.

I started thinking about this a year ago, and designed GroundRoots. GroundRoots is basically an environmental media project. I will travel around the world for a year, documenting environmental initiatives and the inspiring stories of the people behind them. Using multimedia and web2.0, the idea is to make these stories engaging, informative and accessible. I track it all on a Google map, and write articles for conventional media outlets to attract more interest too. I want to spread some good news to as many people as possible, and to other people of my generation in particular. We're the ones who are going to have to deal with these issues. We need an education that matches that.

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