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There was one meaningless Tuesday morning. Regular alarm 6:30am, regular cereal breakfast with banana, regular coffee with milk,  no sugar, regular 15 min walk to work, greeting regular people, opening regular gate to regular job in mobile operator franchise owned by my boyfriend (Rasto), but controlled by regular regional … manager talking about regular … stuff. :P
For a change, before starting the work me and Rasto exchanged exhausted looks. I felt something in the air, something different, something not regular this time. Telephaty worked and we both felt the same. We were talking without a word.
There was nothing more important in the morning than waiting for the lunch time. After a few exhausting hours the lunchtime had finally came. For change we decided to go to a different place. After relieving our stressing and annoying stories, Rasto said: "I wish I was lying on a beach doing nothing at all!"
After a couple of workaholics months there was just one possible reaction on that wish: "Me too, plus cold cocktail with small umbrella ;), so let's go then!" Rasto: "where?" Lenka: "to the beach!!!" Rasto: "mm..ok!"
We both knew we were not talking about 2 weeks vacation all inclusive. We knew we were about to change our lives completely. I hadn't finished my studies yet and Rasto had a shop with mobile phones plus mobile operator franchise. Anyway, where is a will there is a way, right?
Our dreams became plans and plans became actions.
I successfully finished my degree in economy and Rasto sold his company. It took us 5 months of studying, bureaucracy and explaining our families and friends what we were doing. It went so fast. In October 2009 we were sitting on a plane heading to the other side of the world, New Zealand. It just felt so right. It was exactly what we needed, what our hearts were beating for- ADVENTURE, EXPLORING and NO REGULAR DAY AT ALL!
Our dream came true and we started a new life together. Travelling is not just getting from point A to B. It's about growing faster than in routine. We have so many situations to face every day which just can't happen if we do everyday the same… stuff. :) There is a high risk that we get to know ourself faster and it's not always a pleasant surprise :), but we can always work on ourself, learn from ourself and others and most of all push our limits further and lick the outside wall of our comfort zone.
We will never accept fear as a part of your lives. It shouldn't be a part of us. We are trying to overcome it as often as we can.
Scared of presenting in front others? Take a volunteering project and help them with campaign and do couple of presentations, maybe you'll be a killer presenter ;)
Are you scared of highs? Do a bungee jumping and parachuting. It will take a seriousness out of it and after you'll feel the higher, the better. :)
That's philosophy we live with.
We always try to live the local life  and experience the reality in the country. As a tourist you don't get so deep to the mentality of the people who live there. You only just see what they want you to see.
We lived in New Zealand for 6 months, 1 year in UK, 3 months in Ireland, 6 months on Cyprus and I recently finished 6 months internship in Sri Lanka.
However if it's not possible to live in that country, at least we try to connect with locals as much as we can.

Our experiences in filming and presenting area so far:

Rasto (cameraman/presenter)
Self-learning mostly in both. Rasto as a cameraman was making movie about a short movie in UK this year. Still working on the output as we are traveling now. He wants to start own studio focusing on travelling videos with experiences, fun and emotions, not only documentaries.

Lenka (presenter/cameraman)
Me as a presenter got some professional trainings for presentation skills when I was a part of NGO AIESEC. As a person, responsible for communication part in organisation I was interviewed in a radio station and was dealing mostly with media partners. Couple of times I was a comer on AIESEC events. I never had a chance to have professional mentor who would help me with presenting in front of the camera. I want to enrich life of others with mediated travel experience. As a cameraman self-learning only.

For both of us it would mean a world to have a mentor, see atmosphere in Rio and do a video-shooting. A really important kick to our filming future.

Right now we are doing a SE (mostly)  Asia trip: Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Turkey on the way back.

Travelled so far in:
UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Mallorca, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Brunei, UAE, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia

Note: The video is made from medium to high quality footage with limited technical equipment and a lot of technical problems on our travels so it was fun :D

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