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Últimos Refúgios (Last Refuges) My impressions about the natural and cultural "last refuges". by.: Leonardo Merçon

My Scholarship entry - Instituto Terra

Brazil | Wednesday, 19 November 2014 | 5 photos

I am environmentalist and my passion is wildlife photography.
I try to make my dream come true, becoming a nature photographer. My motto: "People only protect what they know exists."
My tactic is the fusion of design concepts, photography and environmental awareness actions. I founded the non-profit organisation Instituto Últimos Refúgios, devoting most of my time trying to preserve nature. Furthermore, I help in research biologists to improve their scientific work by donating some of my pictures of certain animal species.
I graduated as Graphic Designer. In order to turn my graduation project, my first nature photo book, into a reality, I needed to buy my professional equipment. For five months I worked in the ice cold mountains of Colorado (USA) photographing tourists. It was in these extreme conditions, with temperatures that reached - 40ºC, that I realised that my willpower is strong enough to overcome all obstacles. Because my first self-published book the renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado invited me to photograph the Instituto Terra in Minas Gerais.
Up until today I am not able to pay my bills and live from photography, but I intend to get there one day.

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