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WildSide... My trip through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand... Qui audet adipiscitur!!!!

About lavaladyak

I am an Alaskan still stuck in Seattle (sorry guys!) from my last big trip to Thailand back in March 2008...which was fabulous! I'm leaving the suitcases behind and taking only a positive, open attitude with 65L backpack. I, uhhh, think I can do it? I've got a huge cheering section in Anchorage, Alaska, Bangkok, and now, Seattle!

I've been asked countless times "why do you want to travel to Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand?"...and my answer is usually a variation of I've just got to go and see the rest of the world! There is so much out there and I'm missing it working the 8 to 5 shift!!! I'm a witherin' on the vine here!

This is my year to do all the big trips that I've been dreaming about in secret...last time I learned how to scuba dive, this time maybe I'll learn to jump cows on a motorcycle? Just kidding! I've got International Incident written all over me...

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