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cielito lindo Every evening Maximino goes out into Las Peñitas sea in the search for food... for him and his family

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Maximino walking down the beach looking for the best location...

Maximino walking down the beach looking for the best location...

I’m 35 years old and approximately two years of having fallen in love with photography, I mean, I'm a late lover of this art. I'm from Costa Rica but I currently live and study in Mexico, why? because the world is very big and my bubble was small; I always wanted to experience life in another country and I have always loved to travel whenever I can, but living a long time outside of Costa Rica I had never done before.

Living in Mexico has greatly encouraged my passion for photography, on one hand, because this is a very photogenic country, full of colors, textures and contrasts, and on the other hand, because I have a bad memory and photo is the way in which I document my life here and guarantee I’ll remember it faithfully in the future.

I am a psychologist by profession, and now I’m studying Environmental Psychology, perhaps from there arises my interest to know places, people, environments and cultures. May be for the same reason I have sensibility to see and capture details that are insignificant to other people. I believe that it is exactly those details what makes me possible to communicate my vision of the world through a photograph, and to take people to places and situations that they could not know by any other way.

Well, I am responsible when it is necessary, but also know how to have fun and relax when the time is right; at the end, life is short and when it comes to an end I would like to be remembered by the moments that I lived and froze in a photo.

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