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The Beauty Behind Egypt. The people and history.

My Scholarship entry - Egypt.

Egypt | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

I have been passionate about photography and the arts since I was a child. My first film camera being an Olympus which helped me explore the wonders of nature. Employment wise, I worked in a scientific field that helped appreciate and improve my photography skills. Since then I have taken further steps to try and make something of my passion with nature and music bands who help me. One day I hope to make it a full time career.

II have traveled Europe and Egypt, capturing the very things I have studied and loved with great intensity. I hope to return to Egypt soon - magnificent place. Having the ability to capture such wonders and beauty is not only embedded in my mind, but also in my photos. Many photos out there capture the places I have seen, but I believe mine to stand out from the rest as they capture and show the story I intended to - the history and people behind Egypt today. I did not focus on one single aspect (the history). Instead, I aimed to capture all of it's beauty.

I should be chosen on my ability to capture a story, my passion and my love for culture and history. To be given the chance to educate others through my stories in photographs is a dream. A privilege.

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