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I’m Caitlin. I’m a Scorpio. I live in Denver, Colorado. Until mid February, 2015, I worked for the city magazine as an advertising sales executive. I’m originally from St. Louis, and went to college at DePaul in Chicago, where I met my husband, Sam. 

Sam is also a scorpio (yes, we butt heads sometimes!) He's from Michigan, by way of New Jersey, by way of Toronto, by way of Ottawa. Until mid February, Sam worked as a sales associate for an HVAC company in Denver. Sam went to school at Loyola University in Chicago. We met at a bar one night during the Fall of 2007.

Both individually and as a couple, we love to travel. I realized my love for travel early on in life. My parents still remind me of my first long trip away from home- a weeklong trip to see my best friend who moved to Virgina when we were in third grade. They thought I might be scared or sad to leave them, but it was quite the opposite. I cried the whole way home from the airport when I returned to St. Louis:) Since then, I've planned some amazing trips around the world- many within the U.S., and a few abroad, including a semester in Paris. 

Sam also loves to travel, and the experience comes easy to him. With Sam's family moving several times during his childhood, he's learned to adapt well to new places and faces. He has an uncanny ability to make friends with just about anyone. Sam spent 8 weeks backpacking in Europe after college, just before he returned to Chicago to meet me!

I have always dreamed of quitting my job- or at least putting a halt on my normal life and routine- to see the world. For years, I've talked about the "what if" with Sam, but the timing just never felt right. Both of us have held steady jobs since we graduated from college. These jobs have provided personal development and career growth, have surrounded us with some great people, and have paid the bills and then some. Without skimping on much, we've been able to save a lot during these working years- and it's been relatively easy, since we don't have any kids or a mortgage. We weren't necessarily saving to travel, but it was always in the back of our minds. A dream, almost, like I said earlier.

A few months ago, we began to talk more seriously about the idea of travelling. What it would take, what we'd sacrafice, what we could potentially regret. And when everything was laid out on the table, the outlook was clear. We should do it. And soon. Before a house. Before kids. Before years passed and excuses abounded. 

And just last week, we pulled the trigger, quit our jobs, and packed our things. We're off to Guatemala, Argentina, Chile and Peru in two weeks. This blog will chronicle our journey, my emotions, and hopefully some really cool sites along the way. We hope you'll join us and follow us on this adventure!


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