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GREECE | Monday, 18 June 2007 | Views [549]


Tues. June 19, 2007 Plain 4ish at JFK Airport, Bye New York!

We just took off, and I am finally awake…I am still like Wow are we really doing this? I had a great end last night with my friends, “farewell” party/celebration for me. Kim, Xtina, Chloe, and I went to Chilli’s and saw the “knocked up” film. Anyway, I woke up this morning with a stream of restlessness 5:45ish and then I finally went back to sleep and got up at 8. This plane is full of Greeks, lol, and Greek little children. Last night I said my goodbyes to my sister Thaedra and opened myself up a bit because I know this trip will be a bit emotional to me and I am sure for my parents as well. I’m listening to ‘Karma’ by Alicia Keys, so glad I downloaded last minute songs on my ipod. It’s the first time ever using it on a vacation. I wonder again what this trip will bring me. I truly believe I will make it an awe-inspiring adventure. I will continue later. It’s so funny that the last vacation in this book is about Greece, and the trip before I started in this book was Greece. Leave home (change) for new experience. Family! 9hrs away…Cumulous clouds stretch widely across the horizon. Faint orange and pinks glisten like sprinkles on top of these cotton ball clumps of this precipitation. A dusty rose cloud.
Still can’t fall asleep and (lol) the light sux up here so I hope my writing looks alright. It’s dim outside, just before dawn. We are probably over Spain or Portugal right now Awesome-I was in a weird hazy vague dreaming state-of-mind earlier when I tried to fall asleep. No sleep but I’ll be fine! I’m a teen!!(…)

Wednesday June 20th, 2007

I’m on top of our hotel right now tanning by the pool gazing out to the acropolis of Athens! Wow, I am alone for an hour so I must explore now!
-So far I have 15 euros and I am so exuberated and overwhelmed by this breathless view on top of our hotel. I just drank my most missed Frappe’, lol Santorini style. It was made by the nice bartender girl named Marina! Aww… like Marina back home. I am now still staring at Athens, I am here at last. I had 1½ hour of sleep so fare and I feel fine! However, I do feel ½ normal though. I took a short walk around our hotel and I already got hit on lol! “ELLA! Ella! Ohhh”! They were construction workers right by the corner of our hotel, St. George, a.k.a dream come true hotel! It is so far stunning. It has some disco themed bathrooms/buffet’ areas with beachy / Byzantine style interior rooms/artwork. It sets the whole complete mood of satisfaction for the viewer. Later tonight we will go out to eat
(parents) and catch up with George later this week! P.S I have a scavenger hunt Kim/Chloe made me for this trip that I need to finish, wish me luck!

Fri June 22, 2007

Ok, so yesterday was just as I had imagined; a little chaotic. So we went to the National Museum and it was really nice. There was a lot of tourists’ per. usual, and some artists surrounding the front of the entrance (college students). I am now writing in front of this other American kid who seems to be writing in his journal too. We are at the pool which is captivating because of its clarity. Today I tanned more with mom and went with just my dad to the Acropolis which was the highlight of the day. It was scorching hot but it was indeed worth it. I have a video of myself filming on top of the acropolis. Pardon my ADHD for jumping to today when I didn’t even finish yesterday’s story, but this is my own journal and I can write however I please whether You like it or not. Wow long run-on-sentence sorry. Anyway, I ran into those construction workers again ahhh! And this time I was allowed to take the walk. I tried to find a cute cheap piece of Greek clothing but everything is ridiculously expensive in this part of the city, plus all the salesgirl(s) breath down my neck when I browse through the clothing. So I really laughed when Dad got pissed off at this ass taxi driver who was fuckin’ around with dad over the location of our hotel. He couldn’t communicate or negotiate with dad even in Greek so dad stormed off and we walked all the way back to the hotel instead, which was what I wanted to do in the first place. It took us about 40 minutes to walk back from the Acropolis to the St. George. It was quite an experience when Dad and I just set foot just outside the acropolis and found ourselves in the rough, seedy neighborhoods of Athens walking through the tiny old decrepit alleyways. There were just a few tourists but mainly all the locals were there. It was a bit freaky considering the fact that a lot of the young Greek salesmen were staring me down and saying under their breaths, “Americana angleeka katalavano…” which means American tourist in Greek. They were all ready to jump in and try to sell me something or get in my pants lol. I remember dad grabbing a hold of my hand sometimes saying, “Stay near me!” in his alarmed, emphatic voice. Excellent workout though even though it was so hot that we all lost our appetites. I remember the old gardens and courtyards, the big white marble stones that filled the ancient grounds, and the rolling green hills of olive trees that surrounded the monuments. It was fun to just imagine 2000 years ago as a peasant walking bare foot on that same path running into famous philosophers like Socrates or Plato. It was nice to just have my dad and I go together because we did not once complain and we share the same interest to that place. Anyway, last night I was a bit bored and depressed because we didn’t know what to do. We went out for dinner which had superb food but in the end Dad and Mom got all hissy fitty and cranky. This morning big cry baby mom cried because she felt that it was too hot to go to the pool, too tired, and too fed up with dad’s behavior. Luckily, today went much smoother then yesterday. Lol we think our neighbors are gay, two men? I want to find out! One plays the guitar at like 10:30ish at night right when we try to fall asleep. I wanted to see this mystery person and ask him to stop playing but my parents said,
“No Kate, don’t get involved!” I sort of got depressed right then and there but I reminded myself that tomorrow, which is today, would be better. I don’t see the guys today. I felt insecure yet a little more confident as of yesterday when they kept glancing at me. I wore my brown bikini today and yesterday. LOL, today some weird biker dude said something in Greek to me while ridding on the sidewalk almost running me over! I am picking up some Greek here and there! I am trying! I had 5 hours of sleep; I am still messed up from the jet leg. My parents are napping now, that’s why I am here; bored and awake. We all were woken up by the guys this morning at 4 in the morning. Tonight, finally, we will be seeing my famlily! We will be dinning with them at 9:30! Haha, a real Greek dinner; late and cool! For now I wait bored. I could walk more in Athens but do what? I could do it on my own but I don’t want to get lost…

It is now June 24th, Sunday, last day in Athens.

I am tired from this heat; it is about 105 degrees Fahrenheit!!! I am by the pool (inside) on a chair. So much has happened in the past 2 days since I last wrote; INTENSITY!
Now I am sitting in a cafe’ alone and I just ordered a frappe’. Well, from the last time I wrote I shall continue. I was bored at the pool on Friday so I took a spontaneous trip to Likovidus (excuse my incorrect Greek spelling) Hill alone were we went the previous night. There I encountered a random Greek man selling lukewarm water bottles in the secluded, forested area path. He asked me if I’d like to buy one and agreed to; it was the perfect timing for me to re-hydrogenate myself. First he asked for one euro but I only had 2 but he had no change so he accepted my 40cent euro instead. Then I encountered another guy, young, sort of cute sitting on one of the stairs by the top.
“Ohh, Zesy poli!” he exclaimed, which means very hot. I spoke back in angleka (English). He followed me, Haha, but had to remain ahead of me at all times. When I finally made it to the top he was sitting right next to me. We watched these pretty Italian girls take pictures. I ran around to the old Byzantine church and to the restaurant. There I went into the bathroom where I heard, “Auorai kssanthi” which means beautiful blonde lol. I then left running back down the hill, which was probably 300 feet up from the bottom of the city by the hotel. On the way down he followed me, I asked him if he spoke English in Greek but he definitely didn’t even though he claimed he did. He kept asking me stuff in Greek, I told him my name in Greek and he did the same. Then he wanted me to sit down with him but I stood back. I didn’t trust him even though he persisted to me that he was, “no problem…then muttering more Greek stuff” I then ran down saying goodbye to him and he screamed Katerina to me with thumbs up. I should go before my parents kill me!

Monday June 25, on ship to leave for Mykonos

Ps my mom read the last part ohhh…nosy mom! arghhh

I am now sitting on the back deck of the ship admiring the last blur of Athens slipping away as we sail at sea. Beautiful; I filmed. So I am alone out here now and it is about 7:30am. So windy!! My hair is a mess. By the way, luckily my mom didn’t care that I went on my sneak trip to the café She just tried pushing me inside, god she’d a worry wart! Anyways, after the walk on the hill we had a fantastic dinner with George my 3rd something cousin, Katerina (wife of George), Orselia my other cousin, and Orsea another cousin of mine. Poor puppy it keeps crying. There’s this lil’ white puppy on the deck of this ship in a cage. Anyway, we went to this crazy wild part of Athens for dinner, so many young people were out that night. The ship is rocking ahhh! Better get inside before this journal blows away. It’s like 9ish? And it’s sunny out. I’m outside again reflecting. Back to the story: By the way I am listening to my ipod and staring at the slowly disappearing island of Lybos -something like that. So the dinner started at like 10:30! Because George picked us up at like 10! Haha. I had stuffed peppers with cream cheese and the waiter filled up my glass with red wine ha-ha. I sat next to Cleopatra, a.k.a Orselia my beautiful cousin who is 33. Orsea looked great too. I wish we could go to Orselia’s wedding but we will be in Rhodes. I don’t want to go home!

We have no more stops left, Mykonos here I come! ELLA! On Saturday we went to the beach. It was definitely a local beach where there were probably only a couple tourists who come every year. That was so exhilarating! I swam with everyone. The drive up there took about 40 minutes but the scenery was wonderful. Dry hills with olive trees, roaming goats, and a couple of villages on the way; it was pretty rural. We met Katerina’s friend, Natalie, from Chicago, and her two daughters Lexi and Stephanie. We also finally got the chance to meet George and Katerina’s two little daughters named Plumistead and Constantina. Prior to when they came we had lunch by the beach with John and Orsea who by the way, drove us. So I have pictures. The waiter of the café was very handsome. I came into the café to use the bathroom and he said something to me, obviously in Greek, in which case I wish I understood. I smiled to him in response as he did to me. He was extremely muscular, light brown hair, green eyes and high cheek bones with strong features. I knew I had to come back, lol. So I came back from the beach to pee again, this time alone. All of them stared at me. I believe they were brothers-the waiters. I felt kind of nervous and insecure.
“Auorai, N’doxika?” he said quickly.
I didn’t understand at first until I was already out walking back to the beach.
“Yia su!” (hello!) I said back to him thinking he said hello to me. However, what he really said was something like, “beautiful you ok?” haha. Alas, I came back in the café when mom had to go. They were all sitting watching me as I had my back to them; I was looking out to the sea. My white whimsical dress flowed through the breeze as well with my soft blonde curls. I heard them talking about me from behind, and I picked up some English as well. “Say beautiful,” they told him. Then he walked up to me, stood close like 3 feet away and said,
“You are beautiful, Hot-tie” (smiles…)
“Efcodistou poli!” I replied thank you much
So he smiled and we spoke a bit more; mom came out,
“Let’s go.” she said
I was thrilled.

June 26, Tuesday

We stayed awhile and swam more. I played with the girls and had a solo swim with John and Orsea. Despite that I had trouble communicating with John we still had fun swimming out to the rafts. I wore my peach bikini and felt good. I remember talking to Lexi and Stephanie watching all the families and couples swim. I gazed out to the café and found my waiter and the other guys with a girl. I saw him dive off of the ledge where he talked to me. He swam out and eventually saw me look out to him. He waved to me. I looked behind me to check if he really was waving to me and not someone else; no one was there! I smiled; I hope he saw my smile. The girls were quite mature for 10; they were loquacious talking about Broadway, plays, movies, etc. Later I discovered the coolest, little secret church right upon the beach. A Byzantine beauty I thought. Alas, we said our goodbyes at like 5. I felt sad yet optimistic since we would be leaving for Mykonos. Now I am sitting on my bed writing this. Now I am outside staring in wonder at these islanders/tourists. I can’t help but notice odd behavior from this guy who lives across the hotel in a house LOL. God it sounds like a party over there in Mykonos town on the other side of the mountain across from our hotel. Yeah, so I bargained with the Senegal lady who sold beautiful jewelry from Africa. I got a chocker for 3 euros rather than 10! Anyway, I keep talking to this guy who works down at the beach. My music feels weird out here, awkward; it doesn’t really exist out here, obviously, it prolly was never played out here...it;s too american.

No one has ever listened to it out on this island except for me. A whole new world out here, I am really out here on this small pirate-like island in the middle of the Aegean Sea ½ way across the planet from what I call home. Lol this guy keeps taking off his pants and putting them back on across the street from my porch. Make a frikin’ decision! Anyway, I think the guy’s name is Erinc? Or something like that. He says he lives close to our hotel and I know this is true because I always seem to run into him on the street whether I am with my parents or not I see him walk down to the beach. So back to where I was writing; I feel like I am loosing sense of time. It was Sunday, last day in Athens. I went to get a frappe’ and then I, I think this guy has OCD because he keeps repeating his actions. Wouldn’t it be weird if someone as observant as me would be writing about me? Wow, sorry, back to Sunday. It was nice though on Saturday because we drove through the sacred mountains and in a valley where my relatives have their own little 2ish acre of land for their winery! My Great Grandfather had it in the 1920’s? Or further back…in time. I can still imagine its beauty; I took 2 pictures when John slowed down the car as we passed by. Someday I will be back there, care for our olive trees and grapevines, feel the ancient soil, and take in the view of the quite hills. That night was sad yet bittersweet. I went to one last dinner with Orselia, Orsea, and all of the family. George and Katerina and their girls couldn’t make it. Orselia brought her fiancé George, aka new George lol; he was very cordial and congenial. Uncle George an elderly man father of Orselia, who kept praising my father,
“Bravo Jimmy!” Kostos, another elderly man father of Cousin George, Helen, and other Ya Ya’s lol, (grandmas) They all hugged and kissed me with open arms and full love as if they knew me all my life. It was weird yet so sweet; something I am not used to. George and Katerina stayed at the beach. I miss them already. They want me to stay longer, so I feel more than welcome.  These stars are so scintillating, moons out, (Selena) like my cat. So on Sunday we went out to dinner and we got in conversation with a very sharp, shrewdly cunning young fellow who I believe owned the restaurant. He wasn’t a phony like some of the Greek restaurant waiters/owners who try to squeeze every Euro out of you. He gave me advice since he got all caught up in chatting with my parents. He gave me some helpful tips that I used on the island of Mykonos. For example, bargaining is acceptable and useful for the tourist when dealing with locals.
“Bargain if you can, there’s nothing you can loose, you pay anyway.” Or
“Never trust anyone, not even your own ass sometimes.” Lol, so true Haha-my mom got all squeamish by the term ass. I think of my friends now but I must remember what happened. So today, no yesterday I took an awesome walk and a few sneak walks to the beach which only takes 5 minutes to get there. So I climbed these canyons behind me above our hotel, almost got run over by a car, and eaten by this nasty dog up there in the unknown zone. But I was so predetermined to find out what was up there; I had to stop my hunger for adventure. I was utterly curious and I followed my intuition wherever it took me. My legs are now beaten from mosquito bites, cactus spikes, scabs from flip flop failures, and scratches from who knows what but, they are still long/lean/toned and tan lol. Ok so also on Saturday when we drove back and stopped by the winery we encountered a man who I call “crazy blue eyes”. God I should have taken his picture. He scolded John in Greek because he…continue tomorrow

Wednesday, June 27th beach now
So anyway I woke up at 7:10 this morning with Postal Service stuck in my head. The crazy eyes glared at dad a couple of times and shook his cane in the air a few times. The sheep started to run and that’s when we all knew that this guy was crazy…Apparently he berated John for not having a car full with kids and a wife. Well this was done out of a defense mechanism since John, being fresh, questioned him for not having a job. Lol! We slowly backed up and drove away leaving him back into the dust. It’s an ominous landscape-sort of creepy and yet somber and quiet. Alone, he sure is, a few miles out from the nearest small street of good company. So the sad part comes. When we were finished our last dinner aka fruit we met more of the family. We decided to take a stroll to Orselia’s new house which is located on the same street with the other Family. I was out on the porch with dad and there Milteadus’s Sister Helen came out and spoke passionate Greek to Dad. Now to clarify who Milteadus is he is Orsea and John’s Dad who died in 2005 unexpectedly. Helen bursts into tears after bringing up Miteadus over the railing crying. Dad teared up and took her hand holding it with great empathy. I couldn’t really look; I didn’t know how to withstand this odd emotional scene. So Helen gave me one last look, sadness filling her eyes, and walked away. I felt bad not knowing what to do or say so I pretended I didn’t see Dad’s tears. That was the last time I saw Helen, knock on wood it will not be the last.
“Her brother died,” Dad said this in a quivering low voice, his throat was chocking. Wow, I stood there in shock. That was the 2nd time I almost saw my Dad cry and that is one the scariest things I can think of is seeing an old grown man cry. Uncle (great) George I believe overheard this commotion and took Dads hand and walked him away with ignorance over the situation that just happened. So back to today, I think I will go over and see my water guy friend. He likes to stare into my eyes, his large green eyes always flash at me. He has long dark curly hair and a playful smile. Now that I come to think of it, he reminds me of an ancient Greek face on the pottery in the museums. His look is very distinct different intrinsically Greek. Duh, he does live on Myknonos so he is Greek. Hehe, its fun to speak with him. I want to take another walk, be back later.
I am now at the pool; we are back from the beach. Water boys name in English is a name I’d thought I’d never hear again. Allan! Grrr…ex b/f lol. What a Coincidence! We chatted on about school and our lives, my home…
He says when he looks into my eyes he knows that I am smart, lol he’s right. This comment was said after we talked about SATs and his business management exam that he needs to take tomorrow in Athens. In despite of the obvious compliment you should tell the girl that she’s smart as of after speaking about her education, it still meant a whole lot to me. I have never been called smart by someone who is attracted to me lol. I took another walk (a couple actually) to the other canyons by the beach. I bought 2 bracelets, one for Kim and one for Xtina. The bracelets are from Senegal, Africa! 2.50 Euros each. Got to go and shower, i'll write later…
So I am back on my porch outside our room, I can’t wait to fuckin’ party. We walked through Myknonos town today. Locals were curious of my look. One even touched my hair lol, some were quite attractive. I’m blasting my Incubus song, “Consequence” Once again the party people make me jealous. Spring break baby, yeah! When I am 18, I will do it. I feel more and more antsy the older I become. I just want (wish) my friends were here to share the Myknonos experience with me. I knew I would feel this way but it is kind of good to be going with just myself and my parents; it can give me time to reflect on myself. Dahm, people are just getting started and I have to go to sleep soon. So I hope to see Allan one last time before we leave; our last day is tomorrow. When I get home I will think of here, Athens, and I am sure Rhodes! But I miss the parties with Kim, Chloe, and Xtina. Hopefully this summer I won’t be too depressed. I can’t believe this guy is stripping in front of my porch, agian! We dinned Italian tonight and saw a confused staggering drunk transvestite. I felt sorry for him after I giggled with the locals. It was also weird to see some of the local Mykonos boys take my picture wioth their cell phone as I stood by the docks with my parents gazing at the purple sunset. Honestly I can now see why Greece has the most unique and breathtaking light with a powerful aura; I see it everywhere, anytime. I hope tomorrow will be awesome and until, no the whole fuckin’ summer ok because I am secretly annoyed as shit at my parents. I knew I would feel like this so I know I am patient…wait until I can do what I want to do. So I want to dance right now, too bad I can’t. It isn’t the same with out my friends and that atmosphere. There is a gorgeous cruise ship out into the distance. I think the people on there are dancing right now, enjoying their night like it was their last. I can imagine them dinning and drinking, swinging to the Greek music. I am jealous. We leave Friday early so tomorrow is our last day.

June 28, Thursday, last night on my Mykonos porch…

I see the same cruise ship in the distance slowly inching its way up the coast like a glow in the dark caterpillar. This view, once again, is utterly spectacular; it almost seems unreal to think that this place exists in real life and it is not just in our dreams. The breeze feels so good, gently picking up my new white Mykonos skirt which Dad bought it for me today at the market in Mykonos town. The moon is near full; its light is casting tiny sparking mirror images on to the ripples that dance across the sea. The heat has finally dissipated like the idea of Allan, Evian. He gave me his e-mail to me with his hopes up.
“Keep in touch, e-mail me” he said
I couldn’t help but feel flattered. He was my first Greek heart I think I broke. He scared me slightly because he really likes me. He went on about taking me to Syria for his business, etc. He was serious. Speaking of scary, my mom just saw the OCD guy with out pants on! Haha. Anyway, today was crazy. My mom and I went to the beach. The heat was so/so and a bit breezy. I think the weather just broke because the heat was a bit milder as of yesterday. So the highlight of today was after eating lunch with my parents. I said I was going to go to the pool for an hour. It was 3:45 and Dad said I will see you at 5. So I really didn’t think this with total logic. I decided to attempt to walk to Mykonos town but stop by and say farewell to Allan. I have been plotting this plan out in my head each time we took the bus or taxi in and out of the town. I memorized visually the roads to take to the town; I even brought my map for emergency use. I said my goodbyes to Allan, he shook my hand. I believe he suspected my manner that I would never see him again, though we explained to each other that we enjoyed one others company. He told me again that I had the most beautiful eyes. I carried on; it was just me and my ipod. I trailed up the hill through half of the island. I passed locals, motorcycles, and the wandering eyes of the Greeks. Nice foreign desert-like landscape with cactus’s, and olive trees. The dust, dirt, and sweat were relatively light on my face and body, even though I walked fast. After 35 minutes of walking I stopped by a hotel and asked for the time. 4:45 the man said. I can’t believe this guy is really naked putting on his underwear in front of me in front of his window! Anyway after I left the hotel I knew I was close; after all the guy told me so. I only had one thing in mind, one goal, and that was to reach town. I had no problem getting there but I think my mind blocked the thought of logic and sense of time. I convinced myself to be back at the hotel at 6 rather than 5. Even though there was another little voice in my head that was scared shit, I disobeyed it. I finally made it passing the tourist buses and taxis. The same young local guy gave me another add for a party called the, ‘Mykonos experience’ lol.
“Ma latte’ Anglee-ka?”
“No English” he replied
Ohhh…I sighed,
“Do you have the time?” I pointed to my wrist. I saw he didn’t have one but then he pulled out a watch from his pocket.
“10 before 5” he said in English. I thanked him. I walked down a bit into the town to act like I was in no hurry and then it hit me, hard. Dads voice played in my head, “see you at 5” he said. I had a rush of paranoia all over my body and head. I began to sweat profusely; I walked really fast back up the hill panicking. I actually had an odd demon in my head saying, “ok now let’s get lost in the town” before I started to scream in my head as I turned around. So I was considering hitch hiking and paying them, although, it would be dangerous I was completely desperate. I had 5 Euros and warm water. Only if it were a cute guy or nice girl I thought. Or get a taxi, I thought, take the bus, but the taxi would be expensive and the bus ride comes every 15 minutes? Then I concluded to myself that I would just run since I am a good runner and I was on the track team. So as I was walking faster and about 1/5 of the way I noticed this husky guy with dirty blond hair in his thirties on his motor pass me a couple of times. I didn’t trust him I thought, yet, when I was about half way back to the hotel he pulled up to me and said something Greek to me.
“Ma latte’ Anglee-ka?” But he didn’t reply in English so no, he didn’t speak a word of it. However we managed to communicate. I think he asked where I wanted to be dropped off and I told him Pelican Art Hotel. I pointed down the hill hoping he would understand. My dream came true; I always wanted to ride on the back of a motor. The whole time prior to this I would watch all the girls grab a hold of their boyfriends on their little motors and drive off. I was a bit jealous of them. I don’t have to be now! I hopped on and we drove away. First I grabbed on to his shoulders because I was too timid to grab his stomach but he placed them on his stomach anyway. He drove and asked me a bunch of questions and I tried to pick up on them.
“Pos ce lenne’?” I caught that one, meaning (what’s your name).
“Mai lenne Katerina” I responded.
His name was Nike. Then he said some more random Greek crap about Costa rico? I have no idea, I wish I did. Alas, he dropped me off at the corner of the street perpendicular from the street of our hotel. I hopped off thanking him greatly. He said some more Greek crap, I was confused. I thought he wanted some money so I dug in my pocket for the 5, he shook his head no. He put out his hand, I thought oh he wants a hand shake so I shook his hand but no, I was wrong again. Then as I was trying to pull my hand away he pulled me into him and gave me a big kiss on the check! I didn’t really think, it all happened so fast. The whole thing was a blur from paranoia to relief.
“F coddi stou poli” I thanked him again. I sprinted down the street slapping my flip flops on the ground as the locals stared with puzzled looks. Within two minutes I was back in the hotel. Running up the stairs, taking one deep breath I opened the door. Right there my parents lay fast asleep. Thank god! I thought, I literally brushed my forehead in relief.
“Hey dad!?” I ran to the clock,
“I’m not late right?”
“No you are fine.” He said
We have to leave now; I am sitting on the porch now writing this enjoying my last view of Mykonos.

June 30, Saturday 3ish o’clock

I am now sitting on the beach at the Hilton Resort of Rhodes. So much intense drama has happened for the past 2 days, that’s why I haven’t written in a while. Ok so now I am outside on the 1st floor pool writing on a lawn chair. So I have to say our waiter looks like Orlando Bloom, awww need pic! Haha. This place is firkin spectacular! We can even see Turkey across the sea! Well let me explain the previous drama. Ok so after we left I believe I left my beautiful blue sweatshirt on Mykonos, Dahm. Anyway, this guy keeps walking by and he looks like Xtina’s b/f. Ok so we went to Mykonos airport and I was fatigue. I shouldn’t have been since I’m like 17! We flew out to Athens and then switched planes to fly out to Rhodes! It took 40 minutes, I felt nervous and that is kind of different since I am usually chill on planes. So we reached Rhodes at 4ish and we then rented a car. Crazy ass Greek drivers filled the streets. I remember cousin George pulled a Greek one when he turned head on after making a U-turn on to incoming traffic! The funny part was no one noticed or let alone gave a shit! So we reached our supposable 5 star hotel which was really just crap. Here’s the thing, at first I thought it was depressing but I didn’t really care about the room because I didn’t want to be in a room, no matter what it looked like, all day! Mom freaked. Dusty dirty orange tile floor, garnish tacky colored curtains, cheap greenish brown wood furniture, and to top it all off, there was a lovely garbage can in the front yard with no sea view. Now it’s ok to stay there and pay 75 euros a night but not 200!
Plus they were going to charge us 275 starting July 1st. Rip off. Mom was such a baby, although she was right she handled the crisis with immaturity. She bitched and gave my Dad and me a hard time. We were just tired of her complaints; first it was the heat, then the heat passed and now it’s the room. So we left the next morning but we checked out and went to the Hilton resort across the street. Katerina helped us, we also checked out another hotel. The hotel advisor was this cute French boy lol Haha but we ended up staying at the Hilton instead. We received a standard cute room with a free buffet breakfast and dinner! So today I took a walk on the beach and I was jaded. Hilton here is so cool; there is an underground tunnel that takes you under the road to the beach. It’s literally a 2 minute walk. I went to the internet café’ room and sent Chloe a comment, I miss her! Tomorrow we will see Lindos; it’s another town on the other side of the island. A wedding just passed me awww. I love this song ‘The district sleeps alone tonight’ Postal Service. I sort of miss Mykonos. I left my territory there lol, left literally my sweatshirt and white wash cloth that probably blew away by the islands sweet breeze. It is very romantic here and I was supposed to have a fun night as my horoscope says. I am watching the guests dance and I am sort of jealous. It would be awkward if I joined them. Again I play the observer from the outside, aww well. I also miss Athens and my family there. I am still not comfortable to walk over to Rhodes town. Every time I walk on the main road People beep, probably guys. This creepy garage man stopped and told me to take his life ewwww… So we went to Rhodes town last night which was awesome because of its castle walls and fortresses. We went inside of the walls which is called Old city; it’s so medieval. It was built by the Christian crusaders who wanted to block out Ottoman forces (Turks). Last night we got trapped by this salesmen-like Greek waiter. He defiantly had some ADHD lol. He was shocked that I spoke some Greek lol although, he was a bull shitter and we got ripped off. After that we walked back to the car and the terrible night begins at the room. Mom was sad again. I watched her cry in the bathroom and I got a bit mad but I was still sympathetic. She said she was sad over Jamie and that she had a bad nightmare about him with flash backs of him as a boy here in Rhodes. It is my dark past so pretty soon my Dad and I got depressed too. Then I began to cry because I knew no matter how busy I am or how far I am from home I still think about him. It is my one flaw in my life and I got sad because this is my vacation and I try to escape the past but I still get pulled down by my mom. It is bad enough to have myself to think of him at home but then to have mom break down again!? I can’t get a fuckin’ break! So we let mom cry again for awhile. I pardon her tears all the time at home but this time I lost it when she brought back up this shit. Dad got so mad her for making me sad that he threw the brochure across the room at her. Well sometimes she is a martyr and a burden for too long as of this b.s. She could have at least put hold her emotions on this vacation until we got back home but she has her period; I guess it is menopause and that is just life. Enough of this crap, it has been about an hour and I better head back to the room. I hope I get to see Mike lol, our cute waiter who looks like Orlando Bloom. He thinks I’m on a diet?! It’s just because I ate one plate of food rather than the average person’s plates of food being like 6 lol; it is a buffet. I ate a lot of dessert on top of that so I don’t know what he is thinking, lol no way am I on a diet! I need to find jewelry for Chloe, Lindsay, and Marina. I already purchased two intricate pretty Senegal bracelets for Kim and Xtina. I hope tomorrow is a blast! TTYL travel journal!

Sunday, July 1st – sort of depressing because June is over

I have 20 minutes, actually 30, it is almost 10:30 and I am in the lobby right now sort of depressed. I miss talking to someone my age. I have no one but my parent to talk to and it sux. It has been a long time and I am getting tired. I mean don’t get me wrong I am in love with Greece but I am getting quite lonely. When I get home I know I know I will want to be here so either way I loose, Dahm. I had a nightmare that my mom was clinically depressed. Anyway, I saw Mike this morning and he is still my only eye candy. I am frikin’ 17 and I haven’t and probably not see kids my age for 17 days most likely. So today we visited the ancient ruins of Athena’s temple in Lindos. Then I ran around the beach with my ipod and got ridiculously eye-raped by these wind surfers lol. I will be back there tomorrow because they look around my age. I love this hotel but I feel alone. I just commented Chloe back, god I wish she was here. My mom and I chillaxed by the pool and talked about my future: college, travel, and Greece. I miss Allan a bit too. He enjoyed my company as I enjoyed his, that is the Allan from Mykonos not the Allan from home lol. We ate at the great buffet and I am already sick of it. Although it is amazing, I just feel like I am in a state of gluttony when I am eating a lot of all the delicious rich food everyday. I miss doing the fun activities with my Greek family, even when we just chillaxed on the porch under the pagoda. I knew this was coming, this longing/yearning/missing crap. Again, I am here because I need time alone from my parents so I won’t freak. The funny thing is I know when we are home on Thursday I will miss it here. I am just glad I got to do the crazy awe-inspiring things like climb the canyons of Mykonos, or sit in a cafe’ alone sipping my frappe’ on a hot late afternoon in Athens, or speak a few words in Greek to my Ya Ya’s who squeezed my cheeks off. I am glad that I was able to see and experience all of this, especially the stunning, magical, rejuvenating beaches. Hopefully these last 3 days will be nice. My parents just came in the lobby, great____ Ok yeah, lol I forgot to mention the unforgettable experience when I rode the motorcycle with a Greek non-English speaking stranger. Ok they just left. I expressed these feeling to my parents about me feeling loneliness and they almost got offended but then they understood. Tomorrow we will be going back to Rhodes town, hopefully that will be fun. By the way I purchased Lindsay’s gift-an ancient looking medallion necklace. She will love it. I can’t remember what else I was going to say, ok well see ya.

Monday, July 2nd.

I am at the pool now, I just finished my walk. I am bored, we went to Rhodes town and it was alright. I bought Chloe a butterfly and a journal, and then I bought Marina a homemade olive soap. My mom and I said hello to Mike this morning at breakfast. We got ripped off in the Old city where dad tried buying a small (micro) beer but instead the waiter brought out a large 9 euro chug or liter of beer. It was twice the amount of what he wanted. After he accepted it he was like an angry dog when we left the bistro. I am a smart traveler since I refused to get anything with out knowing the prices on the menu. I took a 30 minute walk alone the beach and discovered the water ski place. This time I didn’t see any cute guys there but just, I think, a tight cliché’ of Aussie’s. My mom wants me to find some cute British boys, well there are none here. I am tired of scouting, there’s like no one my age, let alone American or English-speaking. By the way, our waiter was fascinated by the fact that I could speak a bit Greek. TTYL travel journal. Oh and P.S
I am disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures of the hot guy’s my friends wanted. I have one sailor. I should have taken some more of the others but it is not what I expected it to be. I regret not taking a picture of the handsome waiter from the beach or maybe Allan. Whatever boys, I don’t fuckin’ need them.

Tuesday, July 3rd

Points to talk about for tomorrow:
Night show dancers last night
Tonight’s show = random
Beach walk-ipod failure
Later, I want to sleep will write tomorrow which is the last day, July 4th
Ok I am here at the pool (lower)
It is July 4th, Wednesday. So Monday night we watched the dancers of the animation girl team of the hotel. They were pretty good. Yesterday we drove through the old mountains and through the rural towns. I am now getting my last sun bathe. After we had lunch I felt extra full; the salad was so tasty with the bright ripe red juicy tomatoes, freshly brewed olive oil, tangy red wine vinegar, acidic caustic feta cheese chunks, and a buttered pastry with creamy smoked cheese filling inside. Nostimos, (Delicious) in Greek. I decided to take a walk afterwards on the beach once again. I tried to reach Old city but it was too far and I know that I didn’t want to pull off another Mykonos hitch-hiking. I would have done had I have a friend with me. I stopped at the small town of Ixia but then I walked back. Then we saw this stupid cabera’ show which I took a video on it. The captain of the animation team was quite bold and straightforward. He introduced himself to me this morning at the buffet during breakfast lol. I didn’t see Mike; maybe tonight I will see him. As for today we went to a café. Dude, some stupid guy kicked me out of my seat. There was no frikin’ towel there so I was like WTF? Ok w/e this is gay, I can’t wait to go home. About 30 minutes later… After I people watched on my new lounge chair I noticed one of the members of the animation team was mingling with the guests. He asked me an absurd yet flattering question at the most absolute wrong time of this vacation. Chi Chou, from Italy, a short guy with long curly dark haired guy asked me if I would want to go out with him and the other guests to the town and drink lol. I said thanks but tomorrow we leave early. Dahm fuckin’ time, I thought. Even if we left later I still wouldn’t be allowed to go, it’s a bummer. What a shame now that this fun opportunity has come my way. I knew this shit would happen, something good last minute of my time here. It is like the universe is testing my rebellious, wild side. Lol, Chi Chou is still here.

July 5th, plane 1:30ish

Ok so to continue, when I told my parents about this going out thing dad claimed it to be a con-artist scheme. I’m not surprised he’d say that. After the pool we went to our last chow down buffet. I took one last glance at Mike and smiled with an affable expression on my face. He stared with slight confusion but then knew my warmth wasn’t fake; he returned his smile back. It’s a shame that I didn’t have enough balls to take his picture. Oh yeah, I am a girl lol. He was so alluring to me because not only did he look like Orlando Bloom but he is not like a celebrity’s phoniness which overall, makes him even cuter! hehe. If only he knew. Anyway, we will take off in about 15 minutes. This here journal is my last voyage, last day. Wow 11 more pages. I think I can fill em’ up. My thoughts will certainly flow out on these pages with an ease. I am glancing-well for awhile that is- at the dry mountains of Athens. Yeah, I forgot to mention that we left Rhodes on a different plane. I woke up 15 minutes before the alarm clock which was set for 4:45! We had to catch a 7am flight, Ahh. I appreciated the last of the Greek signs, advertisements, and Greek conversations. Now I am surrounded by English-speaking people, how boring. I enjoyed the “trying-to-pick up-on-some-Greek”. Although, in Rhodes it was quite multi-cultural: Germans, French, Slovak… I had about 4 hours of sleep. We arrive in New York at about 7 pm New York time. It will be a 10 1/2 hour flight because we fly against the trade winds. Ok I am going to try to write neater, my penmanship sux. I was a neater writer when I was like 14. I have a half-charged ipod, at least I figured out how to fix it but now my earphones are messed up. I am listening to Postal Service. God I miss Greece already. George visited us before we left for New York in the airport. As soon as we checked our bags I saw a man in a gray tailored suit running down the hall. God that looks like George, I thought. Ahh, it is! It was such a nice surprise to see Cousin George one last time. I didn’t think he would have the time since he works a lot. Dad didn’t even talk about meeting him. I was tired, now I am stimulated. Random Greek memories keep popping into my head, wow I’m going to have a major cultural shock when I ma back into the states. Life Style/rude awakening I think. All I need to do is plan fro the real trip. Overall, I obviously had a different view on this trip than I did when I was 10. I expected more out of this trip by an average 17 year old girl demands but, I handled the lacking parts with a relatively good attitude; that is on the outside with my parents. However on the inside I was dealing with some issues of my gratification. I hope you can pardon my raw secret anger that was sometimes expressed in this journal. Hey, it is better to write it out than to act it out with out self-control. I must admit like every 17 year old there were times where I wanted to smack my parents but I maintained self-control. Once again, I knew I would encounter a bunch of emotions on this trip. I can look forward for the bright summer with my sister Thaedra, friends, college-planning, beach, E-mailing Greek relatives, and a possible trip to Boston or Virginia to see schools. Unfortunately, after contacting Chloe on facebook, she explained to me that Jamie and Casey (girlfriend) went into her house out of desperation for food, and a shower. Pathetic! Disgraceful! Of course I did not share this with my parents since they have enough on their minds and it would have ruined this vacation. So I kept it to myself full with animosity towards him. I left to escape homes worst shit and now I find out more shit. Now Jamie knows we were in Greece, aww well his loss. BTW I am looking forward into sleeping in my walled in room without hearing my father’s machine gun snoring noises. No more earplugs! I am going to show off my most golden tan ever to my friends and I cannot wait to bequeath them with my special gifts from my homeland. Btw, George says the wedding was great (Orsealia’s) and it was like the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding lol. Right now I see the coast line of Denmark? We are flying very north on the northern hemisphere. 4 more hours to go. I still miss it  I want to read the whole trip. I just looked at all my great videos and pictures on my camera. Dude I will miss the yoguorti and all of the food. I will especially miss the fresh produce including the tomatoes which are the best I have ever had in my life. Olive oil, feta cheese, mmm…
2 hours left. I am pretty dry on this plane and it will feel like 2am Athens time when we get to New York at 5pm. We will be home at like 7:30. I wish I could run up to Kim’s or Chloe’s and greet them with my excitement but it will be too late. Oh and I am bringing back a whole bunch of battle scars and bruises. I have a lot of mosquito bit scars from Athens, a lovely coral reef cut on my right foot from the mystical beach where John and Orsea took us as I was swimming towards the waiter. I also have two purple bruises on my thighs from sitting, no plopping down too fast on the chair when we were on the Hydra ship leaving for Mykonos. In addition, I have a brilliant, first time ever, burn scar on my right forearm when I reached over to grab some food on my dad’s plate and for a split second I brushed it feeling the scathing hot plate with my shrimp. It is going through color stages! Now it is brown and scabby. I also have some new scars from the blisters from my dahm flip flops! I dahm right abused my body this vaca. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the tiny spikes in my fingers from Mykonos cactuses that flourished the canyons covering almost every square inch of dry dirt on the ground. But it was all worth it; the hikes and breathtaking views, food, and dinning outside at like 10 at night thus being bitten. I did it for Greece haha. Dad and I want to pursue Greek school, or in other words, take the Greek language lessons. I am definitely going to try for a full year so I can come back a better traveler and so I can communicate with my family (esp. the Ya Ya’s) and embrace the Greek culture! I think out of all my friends, Lindsay, would be the best to bring to Greece. Although, this goal seems unrealistic, she and I have shared the same desires for Greece. Oddly enough she says that she always had a natural proclivity for ancient Greek history and modern day culture. She is one of my dearest mature friends; hopefully we will hangout more this summer when I get home. She is still in Japan and I sent her a post card! When I get back I have to work Sunday and aim to receive my license this Tuesday. P.S I will not pick up on any Greek driving techniques like George’s lol! I forgot to mention that yesterday I took my last jog/walk on Rhodes beach and I sung a little song to the sea! I am such a dork.

Friday July 6
It is now 8am New York time. I was exhausted when we came home and I fell dead asleep when Jim was driving us home. We reached home at 9pm because we went to a fast food rest stop and I got chicken fingers. Eww… I prolly gained all the weight back; well I am going to go run now…

July 7th, 2007 7:30am

I woke up without a hangover, thank god. Ok so last night came true for my eager happiness as I wished for; a welcome back home party. I saw my dearest friends when a bunch of shit occurred. My dog is extremely sick and my brother is fucked up so that’s enough to fill up anyone’s plate with drama. But my ultimate wish was granted; a party! Now I am sitting here on the Chris couple’s couch in their apartment, non-anxious because of my parent’s agreeing permission for me to sleep over here. I am watching Chloe and the little dog Sandy sleep. I had a merry old time with 3 whole Smirnoff’s and a shot of whisky. I was a happy and tipsy with my good friends Christina, Eugene, Chris, and even Mike Matt (guy I don’t normally like due to previous conflicts in 10th grade.) Anyway, I am back fresh and renewed ready for a bright summer ahead. I am still thinking of Greece just as I though I would. This lil’ travel book is overall a treasure in my life because one: it’s a chronological account on my growth as a person, two: I have developed my own unique personal writing style, and three: It is frikin’ 311 pages long! Longest journal I have ever written. The whole purpose of this journal is to look back on my youth and reminisce. Hopefully I will not have Al timers but, if I do, please reader, read me this and show me this so I can try to remember! When I am no longer here on Earth, preserve this please and hand it down to my children. I want to someday rewrite this and publish this as a book. So throughout this journal I always hope for more than what can really happen yet, I come home a bit more aware and mature. This is like a diary and I don’t care if my mom doesn’t want it to be like one. Alas, I am trying to find the best and last words for this final ending page. Oh I will miss you travel journal. I remember when I first purchased you at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Now I must move on. Again, it is such an odd coincidence to see that the last trip in this book is about Greece and it is the only overseas one as well. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this, reader. Beware of the raw truths in here, they are sacred to me. I am optimistic to see other places in this world, always have been. Although my parents want to take me out to other European countries, I still want to go back to Greece (homeland) and stay with my relatives alone for month. I miss the Greek lifestyle. Yet I always imagine college traveling with friends into other countries, Euro Trip! Ahh, I will accomplish these goals; I am not trying to be cheesy but this is just me. Here I come world, look out!
-new travel journal starts in the green Himalayan book which Thaedra gave me for my 17th birthday.


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