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Pachamama ('Mother Earth')

Bolivia | Friday, 4 January 2013 | 5 photos

I grew up in Soviet Latvia and did not get to travel overseas until late 90’s. I wanted to be a fisherman like my uncle Aivars, as that was one of the two professions (that and sports) you could get to travel to foreign countries outside Soviet Union. My dad was a wedding photographer in the 80’s, but I was not interested in photography then. I got my my first digital SLR in 2005 when I moved to London.
Since then I took every opportunity to travel and take pictures, from Asturias to Istanbul. Every bank holiday became a long weekend away. My passion for travel and photography became more focused in 2009 when I committed to all my friends to visit 100 countries before I turn 30 in July 2012. I finished the project with photo exhibition here in Sydney and self published travel photography book ‘100 countries under 30’.
I will continue to work on my travel project 2.0 and visit the remaining 93 countries left in the world by the time I turn 40 and I would like to make this project purposeful, contributing to specific travel assignments along the way.This scholarship can become a defining moment in my life, I invite You to be part of it.

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