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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 5 photos

When I was 19, freshly dumped, and jaded on life, I took my first international trip. As soon as I stepped off the plane into that brand new culture, eyes transfixed on the local people, I knew my horizons had been permanently rocked. A inextricable longing was implanted in me that day to see the world. Since that time, I have known that there is nothing that can compare to stepping outside of one's bubble of comfort called home and venturing out into the unknown. I love the fact that you never know what you may find. It's fascinating to ponder the idea that in every culture all over this planet, there are communities of all kinds of people, and even though a huge diversity within these people exists, when all is said and done, we all belong to the larger community called humanity. We all have a culture that feels like home to us. We all have a daily drudge of activities that feel like chores to us but may appear exotic and fresh to a foreign onlooker. Photography seems to me the perfect way to assume my desired role as foreign onlooker. I love the way everyday aspects of life which many people look past can be captured in a photograph and made into something beautiful. To me, a good photo is one that presents its subject in the most beautiful or though-provoking way possible.

If I were chosen to travel to Bhutan, I think I would be most excited about having the opportunity to immerse into the culture--To observe and to learn and to absorb new things. Having the chance to photograph and learn from the best would undoubtedly be the greatest of all my experiences.

These photos were taken in Croatia. My attempt was to capture locals in their home going through the daily drudge. Nothing fancy. Just trying to discover the beauty in the everyday motions of life.

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