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Egypt Day 3

EGYPT | Friday, 4 Aug 2023 | Views [38]

On the third day, we took an early flight from Cairo to Aswan. Sparing little time, we were then brought to tour the High Dam of Aswan, the Nile Falls, and the granite quarry in Aswan. The quarry contains the Unfinished Obelisk. This is an obelisk about ... Read more >

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Egypt Day 2

EGYPT | Thursday, 3 Aug 2023 | Views [31]

I teach high school maths, including geometry, for a living. This involves teaching 10th graders how to determine volumes and surface areas of things like prisms, cylinders, cones, and pyramids. Apparently Egypt is pretty well known for its geometric ... Read more >

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Egypt Day 1

EGYPT | Wednesday, 2 Aug 2023 | Views [31]

So an acquaintance and I decided to book a guided tour to Egypt. I've never used a tour agency before, as I generally prefer to go it on my own or with friends. That way we can explore off the beaten path and see things that a tour doesn't include. Of ... Read more >

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