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The journey continues.. this began on as se asia tour from 2011.....

day 2/5

MALAYSIA | Friday, 4 February 2011 | Views [742] | Comments [2]

well here I am sitting in Penang, Malaysia. What a crazy place, I believe Chinese New Year has something to do with it.  I met up with Sarah and Maggie (finally) yesterday when I made it to the hotel.  What a relief! They said that everything was pretty much closed yesterday, except Indian food, but then more stuff opened up at night.  We went exploring last night had a good Indian meal of tandoori chicken, rice, cucumber salad sauce stuff, and some other interesting Indian dish Maggie ordered I can't remember.  Then went for a walk around and found a bunch of clubs open and some backpacker bars, hung out w some locals and backpackers last night.  Woke up a bit ago and wanted to drink some water, remembering not to!

Off to the beach today, hope I don't get fried. I was reflecting light off my legs last night, good thing our first day will be at the beach.  And then to the temple, the largest in South East Asia is about 20 minutes from here by bus, and they say the beach is about an hour by bus. Interested to see these buses, people drive like maniacs, but nothing I haven't seen before.  Sorry for probably the most boring post, but I just wanted to say 'I'm here' and off to Krabi on Sunday to find the ghost of Leonardo Dicaprio from the Beach. Place looks unreal, it's on the cover of my 'SE Asia on a Budget.'  I will post some pictures. I do not have wifi right now I am using Sarah's computer while they are still resting. 

Up, time for beach! Write soon. Hopefully it will be way more interesting next time...

Hope you are all doing well surviving 'Snowmageddon II' I keep reading about in the newspaper and on the internet.  I was reading a Malaysian newspaper on the way here yesterday about the snow storm in the States, strange!  Met a very nice Malaysian man on the plane yesterday and shared lots of tips about Penang and such.  It was helpful to hear what he had to say to reinforce what I've been reading and reading about.  This place is so magical and spiritual especially this time of year at the temples and such. Had a very interesting cab ride from the airport as well, the cabbie told me that his son is studying in Hoboken, New Jersey and was wondering how far I used to live from there. What a small world.  He told me that he is Muslim and his son does not drink so he has a hard time socializing being 21 in University in the States, but he does go to the clubs in NYC w friends. What a funny ride that way, I was glad I finally made it to the hotel after that haha, but a very very nice and helpful man gave me all sorts of maps and such..


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Wow, sounds like an awesome adventure. I don't understand the ghost of Leonardo DiCaprio.....Please take lots of pictures, especially some of the ghost!
Love ya, Mum

  Patricia Davis Feb 5, 2011 1:12 AM


Hiya Kel!

Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! Remember to pray for all of us leftathomes when you visit the temples and spiritual centers of the East. More snow due this week. Think of us while on the beach!

Lotsa Love!
Auntie G

  Auntie g Feb 7, 2011 12:38 PM

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