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Trip: Central America

There are [17] stories from my trip: Central America

Photos: Cuba

CUBA | Friday, 18 Apr 2014 | Photo Gallery

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MEXICO | Friday, 14 Mar 2014 | Views [344] | Comments [1]

Nearly 2 weeks in Mexico already- time flies when you're busy trying to get around the country seeing  as much as possible without total heatstroke; getting exhausted and/or blowing the budget. There IS a lot to see and do here and it feels like ... Read more >

Photos: Yucatan peninsula, Mexico

MEXICO | Friday, 14 Mar 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Belize and Guatemala

BELIZE | Thursday, 6 Mar 2014 | Views [406]

Just when I'm starting to get the hang of speaking spanish, we move to the one and only english-speaking nation in Central-America: Belize. But just as we're getting happy about being able to understand everything, we realise it's Kriol-English which ... Read more >

Photos: Belize and Guatemala

BELIZE | Saturday, 1 Mar 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Ecotourism in Nicaragua

NICARAGUA | Monday, 24 Feb 2014 | Views [455] | Comments [2]

We rounded up our stay in Nicaragua with a bit of ecotourism. Firstly, we stayed at the Rancho de los Alpes, were I was going to 'do some environmental volunteering'. My Spanish teacher had set something up for me a the Rancho and it all sounded interesting.... Read more >

León, primera capital de la revolución

NICARAGUA | Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | Views [763]

Leon is where we have decided to spend a bit more time than our usual 2-3 night stay. We´re here for a week so Arnold can chill a bit and I can have more spanish lessons and do some volunteer work. After the beautifully restored Granada, Leon looks ... Read more >

Country of volcanoes

NICARAGUA | Monday, 3 Feb 2014 | Views [316]

From Costa Rica, the wealthiest and most stable country in Central America we have gone to Nicaragua, poorest country and one which is probably still best known for the Sandistina revolution which happened more than 30 years ago. ... Read more >

Photos: Nicaragua

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 1 Feb 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Manuel Antonio

COSTA RICA | Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | Views [509]

Costa Rica continues to be an absolute ecologist dream, it´s just so chock-full of wildlife. It is nearly TOO easy to spot wildlife. We spend no more than a few hours in Manuel Antonio National Park and in that time saw coati´s, raccoons, ... Read more >

Osa Peninsula

COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | Views [442]

So we're in Costa Rica now and having a pretty great time. A couple of buses to get across the border and then we took the slow boat from Gulfito to Puerto Jimenez, our base to get to Corcovado National Park. Arnold has always talked very highly of this ... Read more >


COSTA RICA | Sunday, 19 Jan 2014 | Views [346]

Hola chicos! Just added a few piccies from Corcovado National Park. No time to write a blog as we're about to hop on a bus to the Rio Tico Lodge, which is run by Miranda, a former Sawadee colleague of Arnold. We're staying there for a few days to catch ... Read more >

Photos: Costa Rica

COSTA RICA | Sunday, 19 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

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getting around Panama

PANAMA | Saturday, 11 Jan 2014 | Views [581] | Comments [3]

Getting around in Panama takes a bit of getting used to. We haven't gone very far but things take time here when you're on a bit of a budget, as we are. But we've got plenty of time and this way we get to travel as the locals do from time to time. I ... Read more >

Panama City

PANAMA | Sunday, 5 Jan 2014 | Views [810] | Comments [1]

We've been in Panama for nearly a week now (ok, it's only been 5 days but it feels much longer than that) and we (i.e. me) are slowly adjusting to the new rhythm or lack thereof. The first few days we stayed in a bit of a fancy area just to get over ... Read more >

Photos: Panama

PANAMA | Sunday, 5 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

Panama City and surrounds
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Happy new year!

PANAMA | Wednesday, 1 Jan 2014 | Views [541]

Just a short blog to wish you all a very happy new year! We´ve arrived safely in Panama after a good 24 hour of flights and transit. We´re seeing out the end of  2013 in Panama City, where will stay for a few days to get acclimatised.... Read more >