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The Summer of My Dreams

About kirracheers


Milos: "When I close my eyes and take myself back, I remember how the island smelt of thyme, how good it felt to trail my hands in the water, I remember lunch times on deserted beaches and cucumbers that tasted sweet like melons. I remember diving into the water and looking up from my underwater world. I remember cool nights and warm days and drifting off to sleep in a happy but exhausted daze."

Kirra Cheers was once told that her brain had deviated too far from the norm to be considered a viable candidate. She believes this to be her superpower. She also believes that eating is a sport and wonderland is a creative space where beautiful photos are made. She takes photos first, writes second but considers herself to be a storyteller. 


An internationally recognized award winning photographer, Kirra splits her time between New York and Australia. She is the co-founder of Brooklyn Collective and the author ofTempting Alice; a travel/lifestyle blog she has created to document her journeys around the world.


Kirra's work explores and documents her life as she strives to find a new kind of normal. Immersing herself in a world of her own creation where creativity is king and reality is whatever you choose it to be.

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