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Volcano in Iceland

Icelandic Volcano

Iceland | Tuesday, 5 October 2010 | 4 photos

All pictures were taken in Iceland at the Fimmvordurhals-eruption in April 2010. I hiked up to the volcano besides the two big glaciers and stayed on the mountain for 10 days in harsh winter conditions. Many helicopters and "Super Jeep Tours" were quickvisiting around the daytime, but at night, when the light of the vulcano got more powerful the scenery became a little unreal and I felt VERY little, being there on my own, on foot with my bagpack. I am a student of Biology and Chemistry and therefore I am very much interested in untouched original nature and love the idea of being at a place for several days so I can feel the atmosphere and observe the constant change of nature, and of course try to capture it in a photograph. Being at this eruption was an unbelievable experience. Right in front of my eyes, nature was changed so fast by mighty and powerful Lava.
Why I would be very happy to win the scholarship?
I wish I had the chance to show especially joung people the beauty and uniqueness of nature. Becoming a teacher I have the possibility to tell these things to kids, but it will always be different if they get something told, or get something shown in real life and pictures, so they understand the importance of protecting the environment.
Becoming a nature photographer is my personal childhood dream, but I think it is very difficult to achieve this without a lot of experience and - of course - a monthly income. So this would be a great chance to get so many things taught by a professional one can not read in a book. Tips of someone who IS behind the camera so often and who knows the tricks. Also it might get easier to find some people to whom one could sell photographs that the childhood dream and big hobby might become reality one day.
Best wishes!

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