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Kennoy  ( Fransiska Ken) is a professional travel writer and photographer originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently  she travels extensively on assignment as a freelance travel writer. Ken has had articles and photographs published in Reader’s Digest, Venture Magazine, local In-flight magazine, some local travel magazines and more; 

She never worry about being 'dirty' while traveling. From a remote area that seem like eternity journey in Halmahera archipelago to huge crowd metro city in Tokyo , from having a good shopping in Vietnam to become voluntary in Fukushima, for being witness for the most amazing tattooing in the world in Mentawai archipelago or when trekking  into the jungle following  the Wallace Line in Ternate., from the top of active volcano to the deep ocean.

There are only so many things you can control when you are traveling, and when things go wrong or don’t go the way you planned, you only have two options: make the best of it and move on or let it get you down and ruin your trip.


You Dont Need Magic To Disappear, All You Need Is A Destination.


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