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Life in a Heaven - Photography Scholarship Tibet is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It's like a heaven - peaceful and stunning!

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Run, Enjoy Your Life in the Heaven - Tibetan Antelopes

Run, Enjoy Your Life in the Heaven - Tibetan Antelopes

I'm a photographer, and a traveler. For years my dream is to be a travel photographer. I've traveled 20+ provinces in China and 20+ countries in the world including countries in south east Asia, India, Turkey and Europe. I appreciate and respect different creatures and culture in the planet. I want to use my photography to open the third eye for everyone. I like to take photos from an angle that most people can't see and record a culture, a story and a scene in a documentary method. My dream is to travel as many places as possible in my life. I'm from Shanghai and now permanently living in Australia. I love dance and do my excises regularly so I'm fit enough for the journey. Being a backpacker for so many years, I've also learned to travel in tough situations. From the end of last year, I started to be prepared as a freelance photographer although I haven't got any paid job yet. I'm really passionate about photography because I do enjoy it so much. And I'm very confident about myself in photography. I'll love to devote myself into it if I have a chance to be a professional photographer. 

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