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Life By Keith A brief retelling of my life, from the exciting to the mundane, the ordinary to the extraordinary, and every thing in between.

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Red Squirrel Reaching

Red Squirrel Reaching


My name is Keith. I was pretty average all through school. I finished high school and went to post-secondary for Business Administration Management. Once I finished my program I found a full-time job doing sales. It was a good job, just not the right place for me. So I worked for about a year, paid off all my debt, quit and ran away to Mexico. While I was in Mexico I became a certified Yoga Instructor, and this is where I became involved with Photography. Later I back-packed through South-East Asia and I lived in Thailand for about a year teaching English. Currently I am living with my Grandfather. We live just outside of a small town called Elk Lake, Ontario. He has Alzheimers, so I help him with cooking/cleaning and such things. I also work as a Resort Operations Specialist at the Elk Lake Eco Centre. I live a quiet life right now, hiking, camping, paddling and exploring the area. I am sure that I will be on the move again before too long, even if only for a few months.

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