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Volunteer Abroad Lima, Peru

January 7th, 2011

PERU | Friday, 7 January 2011 | Views [328]

Yesterday night, when I was walking up the stairs, I saw a little mouse with a super long tail. It was so cute! I was glad that it didn’t try to attack me though so that was a good thing.

Today was another amazing day; long and tiring but amazing. I worked at Semilleta today. When I got there, I first worked with the babies with special needs in the physical therapy room. I massaged them, changed their clothes, and played with them. I especially enjoyed massaging little Jose Carlos. He was so active. He kept moving around everywhere! I had a blast. He would occasionally laugh as if he knew his moving around made it more difficult for me to massage him. He had the most precious little face ever. When I tickled him, he would laugh and squirm all over the mats. His laugh is so cute. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby as he cute as he. Well, maybe my own future child will be cuter than him :).

After that, I massaged Suemy. Suemy has a heart condition where her heart continually beats quicker than the average person. After her massage, I played with her. We touched barley (or what looked like barley), which is her favorite thing to do. She was so excited to see the bowl of barley. We touched it and she kept taking a handful of barley and throwing it on the carpet. I thought it was hilarious even though I had to clean up all the barley.

I later decided that I wanted to work with the older orphans. Man, there was a lot of work to be done with the older orphans. One of my favorite orphans today was Jonathan. I pushed him on his wheelchair around the orphanage. We went to the little pool area where he was able to socialize with other orphans. You can tell that he is well-loved by everyone. Although he cannot speak, his personality just radiates love and joy. I really enjoyed working with him. We played with legos, he took out his microphone and sang, and he introduced me to his friends. When the Peruvian version of “Stand By Me” came on, I started to sing and Jonathan got so excited. He was beating on the table like they were drums while I held his microphone and sang. We were dancing and swaying back and forth to the song. It was great!

Then it was time for everyone to go outdoors. I helped the staff watch all the children. There were so many older orphans with special needs compared with the baby orphans. I was glad to be able to help. I helped a little boy practice walking but in the midst of practicing, he decided to lay down on the ground, pick up a patch of grass, and eat it. I had to take all the grass out of his mouth and he tried to bite me.

After outdoor time was lunchtime. I helped feed some children. Although, I got my hair pulled during this time and food spat at me, I still enjoyed it! :) I felt happy that I was able to work with children who are incredible little miracles; children who have taught me something about unconditional love and gratitude. I love them. I literally felt like I was flying when I was working with them. I think maybe I did fly. It is with children with special needs where I feel I grow and learn the most. I feel like my spirit is being lifted into a realm of complete peace and serenity. When I look at the faces of these children, I see hope and a kind of love that I always heard of but never truly felt. They have made me experience love in a way that I have never experienced. I am so grateful and blessed to be in their company and be their friend.

Honestly, I don’t think I have worked this hard (or this much) since I got here. Work at Semilleta is the most difficult and exhausting, but for some reason, I don’t feel tired like I normally do. I did so much today. I was continually on the move with all the orphans and, yet, when I got home, I still felt like I had enough energy to take on the world. It’s amazing what these orphans have done to me. They’ve truly touched my heart and they have enabled me to be better than I was before.

When I got home, I went to the Incan Market again (goodness gracious, I must stay away from that place!). I went with Allison and Alexis. I got some more stuff for friends and family back home so it was worth it. I am glad to say that I know my way around San Miguel now! We took a taxi back home and I knew where our house was and gave the driver the appropriate directions (kiss my brain!). Now with all the souvenirs and gifts for everyone back home, my luggage is getting quite large. Thankfully, I did not pack that much to begin with so now (with the use the expander on my suitcase) I am able to fit all my belongings into one suitcase with half of my suitcase for the souvenirs and the other half for my clothes! This just means that I am forbidden to purchase any more things (must make a note to myself, actually a promise, to not buy any more things).

Due to the large Chinese population here in Peru, everyone thinks I am Chinese. When I say I am not Chinese, everyone will ask me if my family is Chinese. Then it kind of goes on for a while until I just say, “I am Vietnamese.”

Man, the food here is so good. I just tried ceviche today which is a dish with fish that is cooked in lime juice. It was so delicious.

I’m actually bummed out right now thinking about how people can be so mean to another person. It makes me especially sad when I try to be nice and cheerful to people and some people, in return, think I am annoying and are mean to me. Eh, oh well. I can’t make everyone happy. Only people who actually matter to me are worth me making them happy. :)

At night, I went with some volunteers to Mira Flores to go watch an American university play football since two of the volunteers are from that particular university. We went to a bar and I got so tired. I am definitely not a night person and am a total morning person and the all the volunteers recognize that (LOL!)! I thought it wasn’t that obvious but I guess it is. I’m so energetic during the day but once it gets dark, all that energy disappears. At the bar, the only thing that kept me up was thinking about skyping with someone special.

Now, here I am, super tired, but still wanting to skype with my special friend :). I’m also looking forward to tomorrow since the volunteers and I will be traveling very far to Huacachina. Yay! Buenas noches amigos! :D

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