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WorldNomads Scholarship Travel scholarship 2012 entry

Tomales Bay: Below high tide

USA | Tuesday, 8 January 2013 | 5 photos

I see life better lying in mud, focusing in on a mushroom or kayaking a shore to come upon a bobcat or raccoon hunting the shallows and posing for that perfect moment. Photography is how I lose myself to the world, even as I explore it- how I let everything go.

I’ve no formal training, never seen a pro photographer in action. I read, but more often I learn by playing with my camera. I’ve created a style & a voice without much need for photoshop, but I've more to learn.

I explore my parks & backyard, capturing amazing moments & stories.I rise early & play hard so I can photograph & share with people a world they don’t realize surrounds them. I try to do the same while traveling,but lack of training keeps me from finding a rhythm & capturing the spirit of a place until I settle in after a few days

Watching & assisting a photographer who’s explored the world, experienced assignments & deadlines may teach me how to more quickly immerse myself in a place and tell its story more beautifully & succinctly- show how best to direct my efforts when shooting & to go pro.All my mentors have been found in the pages of books,how delightful to find a living one on the gravel plains of Oman

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